Turn out by a older man

I was 17 almost 18 when I meant Woody . He was a lot older man in his 50 s . He ask me if he could suck my c*** . I said shor why not I let he take it out I was hard he took it in his mouth I was so h**** I c** fast and he swallow it he then got up drop his pants and said suck me boy he grab my head and force me to suck his big c*** when he c** he held my head and feed me his c** when he was done he seen my c*** rock hard and said I now you where gay and he pick me up and off to his bedroom we went . He Laude me on his bed and said to me I going to make you my b**** he then lube his c*** with vaseline then put some on his finger and finger my ass hole he then ask me have you ever f*** a girl I said no not yet . He said you never will after I am done I going to f*** you into my b**** boy . He then push the head of his c*** in me . I cry out please stop I am not gay he say you will be and pushes more c*** in me I crying by now please stop and he give another push and goes ball deep in me whe he bottom out I start to c** he smiles at me and says you my b**** now and he f*** me senseless as he c*** in me he say i am seeding as my b**** boy . That night he f*** me two more times a week later I was 18 and I move in with him to be his b**** full time

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  • Give fakey katey everything she wants and love bomb her face off. that is all people have been doing to her all along, only she is too dumb to see that meg is her mirror image ! gluttony girls two of a kind.

  • Almost my same experience, except he was a coach at local high school. And I seduced him, he was married at the time. I used to wear tight jeans that made the girls swoon. Nice bubble butt. Oh it was a great summer. I got behind in grades so I had to go to summer school. He was teaching. Let's just say it was a hot summer. Almost every day I was on my knees taking his nine inch fun maker orally and the other way. We were almost a couple until his wife found out. So after that we had to keep it quiet, only having s** in his car.

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  • I was with another older boy when I was younger and now I'm with him and his friend who's a man. It's way more different than with my friend who has a way smaller p*his. I mean it's not really better cause it's bigger like but it's so cool when my new man friend's got his p*his in me. It just feels way different like. I think that I maybe even love him?

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