Hungover doing phone conferences

I did legal proceeding phone conferences for the last company I worked with, and knew they were a bad, untrustworthy, and shady company early on. After awhile, I didn't care about going out drinking the night before the legal proceedings, since the company sucked and took forever to pay me anyway. There were not only days, but, full weeks where I'd be on the phone, fully hungover and not paying any hint of attention, or, getting into it with someone during questions. I had no patience for any of it, mostly because of the never getting paid thing.

Towards the last maybe 2-3 months, I not only didn't care, but, found it funny when the judge or their office would call me in the morning, and I'd be in such a hungover haze that whatever came out of my mouth was what I said, including joking with some offices that "I shouldn't have stayed out so late last night". It made them laugh, but, was also true. When you hate working with a company that much, doing things half-ass and hungover drunk is the way to go. Let them look bad for my lousy presentation. As soon as I get my last check from them, I may blast out an email to the company, saying all of this, or "Any idea how f****** drunk and hungover I was doing those phone proceedings? HA!"

Feb 20, 2020

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