Wifes feet

I am crazy about my wifes feet and am too embarrased to say anything. They are so big and so wide they drive me crazy. I'd love to act on my desire to work them into our s** but I just cant get over feeling ashamed. And the crazy part is she would probably into it. What is more embarrassing is I sometimes wait till she falls asleep and then I go find her used socks or workout sneakers and.... yada yada yada. I wonder how she would feel if she ever found that out.

Feb 23, 2020

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  • I love smelling my wife’s feet, been doing it since we were dating, I do it every chance I get. There’s nothing to be afraid of just tell her. That’s why people have affairs, because they don’t talk. Just be yourself, she already loves you, try giving her the benefit of the doubt.

  • Tell her, the worst that will happen is she will say no, but tell her.

  • Take it from me....tell her.

    I hid my foot fetish from wife while we dated and the first 10 years of our marriage. One night on vacation I just kind of went for it while we were f****** and started kissing her toes. At the time she was really into it and it led to her asking me about it the next day.

    Initially, I played it off and acted like it was no big deal....but she could tell. Now, seven years later and she indulges my fetish. We’re not creepy about it or weird, but she will get pedicures for me, allows me to give her endless foot massages (what woman doesn’t love that?) and will even give me foot jobs. It’s not a part of s** every time, but we incorporate it into our play.

    Don’t be afraid. There’s nothing wrong with sharing fantasies.

  • I'd suggest telling her she would look sexy in nylons or pantyhose during s**. The foreplay of massaging her nyloned legs could extend to her feet, which you could massage and kiss. It would be enjoyable for her and open the door for you to continue getting what you crave. You've gotta open the door to opportunity brother.

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