Please I need advice in this relationship

Don't call me crazy because this is not common but possible I think. I'm 21 and I I've been with my high school sweetheart since I was 17 we are Bestfriends like we're married or something. We know everything about each other. Once she cheated on me broke my heart she only kissed this guy ( she claims) but we got passed it. I love this girl anytime we fight my heart gets heavy. I may be crazy but I can't shake this feeling. Her mom is married to a man who isn't her father. From the beginning idk why but I caught the feeling that her moms new husband and her were having s**! I've had dreams about it and no I'm not psychic but 1 or 2 of my dreams has come true. She talks about him all the time and it is p****** me off. I forgot to mention when we turned 18 we lived with each other we just moved apart a month ago and the fact that they are under the same roof again is driving my suspicion crazy. Sometimes like I don't hear from her for hours but she claims she's doing something or busy. Again she doesn't go a day without mentioning him she doesn't talk about her mom this f****** much. He looks like a creep that would do that. What tf do I do she knows that something about him is bothering me but she doesn't know what I'm so sure that this is happening that I just want to leave the love of my life. I'm a crazy I know I'm somewhat insecure but what do I do?

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  • Think you need to take some deep breaths and get busy doing things to get your mind off of this. It's definitely not healthy. The idea that she's sleeping with her stepfather.. sounds like it has more to do with your insecurities and an overactive imagination. But you're right, it could it happen, but for argument's sake let's hope not. You have no proof and think trying to proove this would destroy more than just you and your gf relationship. Stop the over analyzing that if you don't hear from her than that would only mean she's having s** with her step father. And never tell her that he looks like a creep that would do that type of thing. She probably does talk about her mom, but you're so convinced she's sleeping her step father that you're only hearing what you want to hear. When you dream, dream about world peace of winning a million dollars - those would be good dreams. But you need to ease up on this. It will doom this relationship if you don't get your insecurities and jealousies in check. At some point, you have to trust who you're with. And if you don't, then you'll have to move on from it.

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