So I'm a virgin at 23, not becasue I can't get laid, but because I'm too freaking shy. I hate being shy. Get me drunk and I'm Mr. Charisma, but I'm almost always too shy to actually go out and get drunk. And even when I have been drunk and the oppertunity is there, I shy out of it like a a freaking dumbass.

I really wanna s**** a couple of freinds of mine, as well as my boss' step-daughter (she's legal and almost my age) 'cos she is HOT and in her own words (Google stalking anyone?) has a b******' chest.

DId I saya couple of my friends? Nah, I'd do pretty much every girl I know, 'cos I'm lucky enough to have stupidly hot friends. But there is the freaking shyness again. I'm getting to the point where I'm just gonna go out, get blind drunk and do it.

I can't fool myself into thinking it's a good thing anymore.

I once masturbated for a solid 13 hours, c****** 11 times. The longest I ever went without coming (seporate incident) is 7 hours; then I went blind and couldn't move, it was awsome.

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  • first time drunken s** sucks. i did it and felt stupid. but u get over it. but being shy is ok, i am super shy, but once people see your true personality, they gravitate towards you. im still working on my shyness but just remember be nice funny and u'll be fine. good luck

  • "Or just realize that you truly are gay."

    Sombody is insecure and feels the need to lash out... awwwww.

  • virgin at 23 is just fine. i'm waiting until marriage, and that's still a bit away. i know it might be different because you're a guy and i'm a girl, but don't feel like its something you have to do, like a 'coming of age' thing or 'cool' or 'it will get you in' and crap.

    and don't let people tell you that that makes you gay, either, in either sense of orientation or just 'stupid'. you have a right to your virginity. be proud that you haven't just given it up yet!

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