Got Even With My Boyfriend

My dumbass boyfriend left me for a freaking barbie doll girl. I'm not a person who holds a grudge so I didn't do anything to the barbie doll girl with her blonde hair and cheerleader looks. Even though I hate her ass and can't stand the girly way she acts.

Instead I got four of my girlfriends together and we jumped my boyfriend and kicked the s*** out of him. I punched him so hard in the nose it bled, which made me feel sooo freaking good. Even Steven.

One of my friends said what if he tells the police we beat him up. I said he's too ashamed and embarrassed to tell anyone girls kicked his ass, lol.

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  • YOU ARE SO FULL OF S*** B****

  • Yeah, and if a guy beat the s*** out of his woman for leaving him we build shelters to protect her and would send him to jail. Why is domestic violence cool when the woman does it?

  • I've beaten up a couple of girls ex's before, upon request, and i always get to f*** them silly afterwords. something about seeing the j*** bleeding on the ground makes them so wet.

  • I wish that was the Steven guy that left me. Good job!

  • You will die alone.

  • Now you know karma is a b**** and I do hope you and your girlfriends all get gang raped by a bunch of thugs..

  • please don't kick me in the b**** i'm just a guy and i'm proud of this girl for redeeming her pride just not happy bout the violence piece

  • I love it! I wish I could have helped. I'm good at kicking guys in the b****.

  • good for you for redeeming your pride but honestly violence isn't the answer

  • You notice how "guys" are insulting this brave woman? They don't like it when we girls turn the tables on them and give them a well deserved beatdown. I salute you, Sister!

  • You and your four girlfriends are pathetic excuses for human beings. That's not payback, that was weak. Don't hold a grudge? Your reasoning is moronic. He didn't want to be with you anymore for good reason. Deal with're a loser and he knew it. He got smart and a far better, classier girl. Grow the f*** up.

  • Awesome payback!

  • Bravo! I wish I had the b**** to do that to my ex boyfriend. You are my hero and an inspiration!

  • Haha I don't know whether to congratulate you petrol you that was wrong... Haha...

  • you are a f****** b**** were not married to this guy...good luck with your pathetic attitude and anger toward guys.

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