Mother son lovers

I have read some really great stories here about mother’s and sons. We don’t have a son but I like to have my wife seduce young boys and watch them. I pretend like they are and some times she gets the boys to call her mom or mommy.
She’s only 38 right now so we can do this for several years yet.
We keep them legal age but twice we had two boys show up that had been with her before and they had friends with them. That was alright but we found out after that they were a lot younger than we thought. Turned out great but it could have been a mess.
Anybody else like to do that?

Feb 27, 2020


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  • I bet the 14yo has been her biggest turn on, that he went bareback, has been in her regularly, and has had her ass, and that she wouldn't say no to younger.

  • send me pics, i will love her

  • I think that's wonderful, as an older woman after my divorce I won't have s** with any boys older than 19. I love how eager and hard they are.

  • How young do you prefer?

  • Hmm that's great I am 24.

  • I'm 19 and I want to have an older woman to be mine.

  • I am a 17 yo boy and I like when olders womans are my mommys

  • Id love to be in bed with you as your mommy baby

  • Need more women like your wife. Every young man’s fantasy.

  • Better to be with those in legal age. But mind that most mature women in their age past 40 or so love younger c****. If possible join your wife when having s** with a younger stud! I am now having this young stud who is in his 20s and I taught him everything a woman needs in sexual acts, excepting a***. I am sure when he gets married his wife will be happy.

  • I want the young boys

  • I want older women

  • How old are you?

  • Why pretend im 16 and would f*** her.

  • We don’t pretend the guys are young, because they are. Usually 18 to 24 but a couple fellows snuck in a 16 and a 14 year old.
    Youngsters can go apeshit with a naked woman.
    We just like to pretend she’s their mommy, most of the guys have also liked to play along, but a couple wanted to play like she was a friends mother and one wanted an aunt.

  • Hott

  • 14 is nice

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