Playful mom

I'm 16 and in my last year at school and my mom is 35, It started last year when some of the family was out for a meal,we had a picture taken together and she pinched my ass,she laughed like it was a bit of fun but it happened more often,my mates think she hot always dribbling over her,when she would hug me as a bit of fun she would grab my ass which would make me j*** forward,when i was doing my exams she done it saying i looked stressed and should let some stress out,I was getting ready and just in my boxers when came in in just her knickers pushed me back on to the bed,I looking at her nice big t*** now with a hard-on she said i will take care of you, pulled down my boxers and started to w*** me off,the whole week she done that,and now we been having s**.

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  • Wonderful! Sounds like a really fun mom. Enjoy!

  • Me and my mum used to be at it like rabbits especially during my teenage years. Enjoy what you've got!

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