I want to see my wife and her ex-husband

I don’t know my wife’s ex-husband personally, but I heard he was a good guy and she was the one that messed around on him. I heard he took it pretty hard when he found out. I know she can be a b itch and I feel sorry the poor guy had to go through that. For some reason I want to watch her do him. She says there’s no way she’d ever ever let him touch her but I’d like to see her give him one for old times sake, for doing him wrong. Actually, I think I want to see him give her a good hard grudgefuk for being such a b itch to him.
Does anybody else ever feel this way or has anyone ever done this?

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  • Forget about the ex husband. If your miserable wife got her hooks into him again she might like it and want more.
    You say she was the one who cheated in their marriage, if you put them together we both know what will happen, she will want more and you will find yourself kicked to the curb.

  • I didn’t want to see it happen but my wife was caught by her ex husband’s wife in the act with him at their house. I had no idea that would ever happen and it didn’t turn me on when I found out about it.
    I’m like your wife. I would never want to touch my ex wife. I’d throw up.
    Don’t force the issue. Watch her f**** stranger but don’t make her sick over the thought of someone she can’t stand.

  • Yes I'd like go watch the ex getting a good hard f****** by a few guys with me watching

  • Would you want to see her with an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend though?
    Would you want to see the chemistry they had and maybe rekindle the old spark between them.

  • I would like to see my wife make love to her ex boyfriend, He was her first and she said they made love. Twenty five years before I would have been jealous, but now I would like to see that moment.

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