Fat woman looked at me.why did she look at me.

i am a hot guy,i never even ever drank alcohol in my entire,or even smoked any cig's in my entire life,this fat woman looked at me in the libery.she smelled how good my face was.because i used a dove soap to clean my pretty face.why did she look at me.am i that pretty to look at.the dove soap i used was pomegrante dove soap.does she ever know how to smell pretty.i am a hot guy.why did she look at me.

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  • Must be good living in fantasy land.

  • Maybe she like what she see..

  • I'm trying to understand why you would post this notice. All I've been able to come up with, is that you are an idolater, and heavily into self-worship; not only does that mean you are a bore, it means you are on the road to H***, for no idolater will enter the Kingdom of God. Repent, or suffer eternal punishment.

  • Okay man.so i love myself far toooooo much.so what.women love me.young girl's look at me.i never went to a place of God before,and forced butt ugly women to ever look at me,what would freak me out,being the only young hot guy.with alot of butt ugly people who belive in the kingdom of God.i do not belive in God allah or Yahweh or any god.i love myself because i can.and women love me for it.I admit,i used to work for the CBC.which by the by is the Christian Broadcasting Network.i worked for that network for 8 year's of my life.I was a young child Stage performer.i was never paid at all, for working for that Network.I bet that you never did anything like that.Work a day so hard in your life.Like working for the CBC.And yet i loved working for the Christian Broadcasting Network.because at least i had a good Job.i was never paid at all.but it was a good Job.why do you think i am sooo hot to the pretty women.because i am.

  • What's a libery?

  • Sorry man,when i said libery.i was meaning to say library.it will never happen again.i failed at grammer.ohhhhhh well,F*** you.from a die hard south park fan.

  • Dude, she looked at you because you have a big slong. Simple as that.

  • Pic! Pic! Pic! I want to see your hot guy face and yes I am a woman, and a Dove Girl.

  • ... "This confession has been sponsored by Dove. Try our new Dove Pomegranate soap at a store near you".

  • I'm in! I can't even get skinny women to look at me. I'm using a loser soap brand. I'm buying some Dove tomorrow and get some of the big beautiful women to look at me. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky.

  • U are not a hot guy. U are a d***! The lady looked at you, probably felt sorry for u because u are a shmuck and love yourself a little too much!

  • You are jealous because you are butt ugly and have monkey breath. i'm sexy and you know it.

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