Catholic Confession

I am an 18 year old Catholic girl. I love my s** and been having s** since I was 14. Of course, I do confess my sins to a priest. Our parish recently got a new young priest. I hate going to confession when he is the priest hearing confessions. He asks the very intimate details of my sexual encounters. Some examples how big was the guy's D***? Do I shave my p*ssy, or do I leave it hairy? Have I ever engaged in an*l? Did I suck him? Do I like riding cowgirl style, facing forward or reverse?
These intimate details are all unnecessary. I once even could make out he was masturbating while hearing my confession. This one good argument WHY priests should be allowed to marry. They get h**** like anyone else. So sad. Any other girls experience this?

Mar 9, 2020

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  • What were your replies to his questions? He is only human and a man, and you must be very sexy for him to inquire about your habits..... ; )

  • I'm a catholic schoolgirl also but I'm only thirteen and I had s** with a high school boy when I was eleven. There's an old nun who touches me and I kinda like it?

  • Your gullibility is why they're so successful.
    Look into the history of your "beautiful faith". It is monstrously evil, and your are monstrously stupid.

  • Catholicism is a beautiful faith but priests do their best to s**** it up every day. The role of clericalism (basically too much trust and authority given to those who are not capable of handling that power) has become archaic. I don't have the answer but it starts with cleaning their own house before telling the rest of us what to do with our so-called sins. Oh well, I'll just keep rooting for Notre Dame football. All they do is raise millions and play great football in a grand Catholic tradition. It's a part of the faith I still believe in!

  • Yes I have had an experience with a priest it went all the way, the best turn on was he have me over a table wearing his black gown he had nothing on underneath

  • That's B.S.
    There are a lot of married pedophiles out there.
    Do really believe a priest will give up his pedophilia just because he's married? That's just nonsense.

  • I never have one rub it while I am actually confesing, but I have had more than take inquiries too far, like yours. It makes me feel awkward and way more guilty, which is the exact opposite of what confessing is supposed to do. Igot my mom to take me to another parish but I. never explained why. I agree with you that letting the priests marry. would stop a lot of problems.

  • Religion gives power to the few over the many.

  • The same happened with me when I was a teenager and strated having s** with a couple of bfs. While confessing I saw in subdued light on the other side, the young priest was masturbating and came in gushes... I left the church altogether. I believe, if one is to confess, confess to God. Nowhere in the Holy Book says that confession to a priest is mandatory!!

  • Really?
    So there are no more pedophile priests?
    I'm so glad.
    And you're an idiot.

  • Really?
    The Catholics I know are super sensitive to weed out the sort of person you describe. Personally I do not believe this. 10 years ago maybe but today even a hint of that sort of thing and he'd be gone.

  • Stop confessing. The priest sounds as though he jerking off to you describing your "sins". You are not sinning, and the priest is a perv.
    I don't believe in "God" and I seriously doubt you'll burn in h*** for being human.
    As a former Catholic, I know how they brainwash people - especially children- and make everything a sin. It's all lies. It's mind control.
    There's an old saying: the Jews invented guilt and the Catholics perfected it, adding shame for good measure.

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