Stopped confessing to priest

At the age of 12 as I used to m*********, one day I thought of confessing the act to the church priest. Ours was a monastery Friar Church and seeing the opportunity of noone further to confess I approached confession cubicle and telling some other minor sins told the priest that I used to do dirty things myself. To which he asked whether you c** after that act looking at my age. I said no. He gave something to pray for penance and thinking that whenever the priest sees me he may ask me are you still masturbating I stopped going for confessions.

Sep 1, 2019

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  • After my dog licked my p**** and I stroked his c*** to e**********. I thought that was gross and decided to go to church for confession. I met our friendly middle aged priest and told him of my intention. Soon he asked me to enter the confession cubicle. After a brief prayer led by him I started narrating my case to him. In the dim light I could somehow see him behind the designed wooden curtain. He repeatedly asked me about what I felt being my dog licking my p**** and what else I did. After a detailed description he asked me whether I had any intention to f*** with him for which I felt embarrassed. I tried to look at him, in the little light on his side, I could guess he had removed his white robe aside and was furiously masturbating. I just left saying him 'thank you'. I never been to a church since then!!

  • Confession is a contradictory relic in my mind, especially since you don't know what the priest is concealing. I also think an earnest confession in private is just fine as long as you are sincere. Psychologists, therapists, and counselors are always available, as are bar room buddies and friends if you need to talk about your regrets for doing wrong. Priests have lost their standing as purveyors of great and holy wisdom. I don't hate them. I just don't trust them.

  • I feel sorry for catholic priests. The vast majority were wonderful caring people. Some were evil and weak. Yet the vindictive victims seeking a peace they will never find bring the whole lot down ably supported by the media and weak over sensitive supporters and people with a anti religious belief that makes the religious fundies look like liberals.

  • At least you recognised the inherent sinfulness of masturbation

  • It's free, no VD, great during lockdown, and can't get preg.

  • I would love to watch you jerking off

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