Stopped confessing to priest

At the age of 12 as I used to m*********, one day I thought of confessing the act to the church priest. Ours was a monastery Friar Church and seeing the opportunity of noone further to confess I approached confession cubicle and telling some other minor sins told the priest that I used to do dirty things myself. To which he asked whether you c** after that act looking at my age. I said no. He gave something to pray for penance and thinking that whenever the priest sees me he may ask me are you still masturbating I stopped going for confessions.

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  • Old GF 18, me 19-- her Mom catches us having s**. Over 1.5 years we guess we did it 1,000 times. She makes go to confession and we confess all 1,000 times. I get 5 Lord's Prayer penance, she has to say a Rosary by the Virgin Mary statue. Half way through a former class mate joins her.
    A light goes off --she puts out a lot too. I start going every Sat just to which girls get the VM penalty box. Because it's my church I already know most of them. Even see 2 married ladies go there. I took advantage of what I figured out.
    Looking back I think the priest was purposely telegraphing the active girls. .. "Ask these girls out.' He always added "you will marry her if you get her pregnant."

  • I feel sorry for catholic priests. The vast majority were wonderful caring people. Some were evil and weak. Yet the vindictive victims seeking a peace they will never find bring the whole lot down ably supported by the media and weak over sensitive supporters and people with a anti religious belief that makes the religious fundies look like liberals.

  • At least you recognised the inherent sinfulness of masturbation

  • I would love to watch you jerking off

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