I'm noah hurst. I'm fat. I'm stupid. I stick my nose into other people's business. I try to act tough but I'm a fat b****. Anybody my size would rip me a new one. I'm scared to fight people in my weight class. I'm such a loser and a j***. I conspire against physically challenged people because they do not feel well. I am not a man.



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  • I have good news for you. There is a new drink that will cure you. Are you ready for it. It is called Prestone antifreeze. drink one cup and wait you will be cured

  • It’s all right Noah, I know what you are going through, it’s a great big black spot of hopelessness, you are on the other side of the Universe, billions of light years away from the nearest normal human being which lives on the other side of the Universe.

    I got news for you, not one person on this Universe is normal, not one, my Dad was not normal, my mom was not normal. And all my so called friends were not normal and all my family members were not normal.

    Everybody I knew was not normal because they made stupid mistakes that they could not take back, while I tried not to make even one stupid mistake in my lifetime, I even tried so hard to make people happy, but it never worked and so I decided on the best damn choice in my life, I decided to threaten to murder some people so they will not force me to make the same mistakes they made and they became so deathly afraid of me that they left me alone for the longest time, going on 24 years, and so you see not one F-ing cursed human being is not normal or even happy on this planet and the ones that try to act normal and happy are just plain idiots and losers who don’t deserve the gift of life with their stupid dumb genes that they forgot that it’s wrong to control somebody else’s life such as my own. So it’s all right to feel the way you are feeling, just be calm and move on with your life.

  • Do you still breastfeed off your mom?

  • Aw, did Noah not share his peanut butter sandwich with you at lunch?


  • I shoved it up your ass then washed it down with buckets of diarrhea from whence you drank heartily.

  • High five 😂

  • You must be on here a lot to already have seen my post. Hope I see you soon. You go ahead and tell me who you are when I see you because I'm sure I already know you. All you have to do is say I'm the dumb ass that's always browsing Confessionpost and I made that really homosexual comment on noah's post, for I myself am also a flaming homosexual and I would appreciate you putting me out of my miserable, pathetic existence now please.

  • Let's meet up. I want to know who you are besides some scared loser.

  • R u one of my little buddies I hang out with? You sound like a little b****.

  • Don't be such a p****. Tell me your name and where I can find you.

  • My name is noah. I 👃 p****.

  • But you don't want to because you're scared. Scared of a fat stupid slob.

  • I'm a 400lb homosexual, I can barely move. I let my daddy do all my grocery shopping for me.

  • I dare you fat p**** ass b****. Come get what I have for you just this one time.

  • Come talk s*** to my face and get your skull fractured.

  • Do I know you f*****?

  • I ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches.

  • I am noah hurst.

  • Did your fat dead b**** ass w**** mom not share my p**** up your gay dead n***** ass.

  • Fat ass buttfucking dead n*****.

  • Die n*****.

  • How triggered are you!! LMAO

  • How homosexual are you!! LMAO

  • You're the pedophile that's always checking this site out. I'll put you out of your misery permanently, thus ending your constant affliction. Just tell me your name and where you live. I dare you.

  • Want to find out in person? I'd love to meet you. Tell me your name and where to find you. I'll be there soon.

  • As much as your who're mother!! LMAO

  • Noah really lit the fuse on your tampon, didn't he. Just give him a big kiss next time you see him, then go home and rub one out while moaning his name. Remember to ask your mom to leave your bedroom first xD

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