I had finally talked my wife into letting another guy f*** her while I filmed it.
We ran an add and had several guys answer and we talked to them but no sparks so we kept on looking.
We had talked to Monty for over a month now and they have traded pictures of each other and then one day she said OK I will do it so we began to plan a meeting and it was finally agreed to next weekend but now that this Virus thing has popped up she has changed her mind so I am left with a constant h****** wondering what it would have been like to see her and him f***.

Mar 16, 2020

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  • I want to see pictures

  • Sorry but if I send pictures then you have my E-mail

  • I would luv to trade pics of wifes with u email me pls

  • Big mistake man. I’d never allow that s***. Why would a man ever let his wife f*** someone else? Why do you want a total stranger to make your wife feel that good? To make her o***** and feel that emotional connection w someone else. Then there's the chance he’s much bigger/ better in bed than you. What if he gives her multiple huge o****** and rubs spots inside her you will never be able to reach? If so you’ll never be able to please your wife again and she’ll be constantly looking for someone else to please her in bed. Haven’t you seen all the videos where husbands regret doing this? They end up never being able to make love to their wife again because he can never please her anymore and the only time she allows the husband to touch her sexually is to let him clean up the c** from her p**** when she’s finished being plowed by a total stranger with his mouth only. Then it Gets to where she goes out alone and f**** whomever she wants no matter what you say. Then The humiliation begins when she wants to jump on a BBC no matter what you say. Locks your d*** in a cage so you can’t m********* while you watch or anytime unless she gives permission and unlocks the cage for 5 minutes once a month. Then You’re stuck in a sexless marriage cleaning up after their wonderful f*** sessions.
    I don’t know what goes through y’alls minds to think it’s a good idea to let your women f*** someone else. Never understood it and never will. Not to mention the chances of STDs and HIV are high. I saw one video where a wife contracted HIV from a guy even though they used a condom And it was the first time. It broke and the ONE TIME exposure from a broken condom caused them a life of HIV. she and her husband now live w HIV. It’s just not worth the risks.

  • I am not worried and besides why should I deny her the chance to experience other guys when she has a very strong s** drive and she can actually c** several times within just a short time while I have to rest and recuperate before I can c** a second time ?
    I love her and she loves me and she has again agreed that when this virus thing is over with she will go ahead and please me so since this is something I want to see and she is willing we are going to try it and see if she and I both want to continue. besides Monty has a c*** not much bigger than mine.

  • You don’t understand it because you’re not man enough to be confident about your wife’s feelings toward you.
    Just because you’re afraid your wife will want another man simply because he f***** her doesn’t make it so for other people.

    It bothers you that other people can have the fun you would love to have so you try to convince them it’s wrong. You’re deprived of your fantasies so you want others to be deprived as well.

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