Very confused

After my children reached the age where they were all inschool full time I went back to work picking up photography as a hobby then more and more until I made the jump to making it my career. The glamorous life of a photographer is doing mostly weddings and family photos sadly but recently I took on a wedding project that has confused me.
I was contacted by a lesbian couple (Jessie and Emma) getting married and they wanted photography and videography so I agreed and met with them, We laid out pricing and packages and they made their choices, One afternoon Emma called and wanted to meet with me, She wanted to price out glamour or boudior photos so we did and on seperate occassions I photographed each of them as a gift to give each other. With those shhots I don't usually do any too wild but they were each very comfortable with showing a lot more than I am used to.
The night of the wedding Emma came to me at the reception and said they wanted me to do another shoot, A video shoot, I was thinking a night time stroll on the beach or something but they wanted a wedding night video, You know...Like the wedding night...Consummation. Immediately I said "Oh, No, That is a little WAY outside of my normal list of services" but they kept persisting and used the argument I had already seen them naked...Oh and they offered to double my fee, Yeah, There was that part.
Well, There I am setting up cameras and lighting while two, Very pretty girls I might add, They are both quite attractive which in my experience is not always the case with lesbians but anyway, They are kissing and touching, Jessie is trying to get Emma out of her dress and Emma is telling her to wait until I say it's time, I nervously give them the signal and.............................
Holy, I have never even seen a lesbian p*** before but for the next hour I was right in there, They kept wanting closer shots and I would literally be inches from Emma licking Jessie or vise versa, Emma got up and grabbed a strap on and I was like "Whoa...Oh s***". Jessie looked at me and winked and I was standing at the side of the bed with Jessie holding the bed on one side and my leg on the other side while Emma f***** her with a...Fairly large p**** shaped d**** until Jessie sat up, Screamed and came.
After that Jessie licked Emma who apparently doesn't like the strap on (Like I needed to know) until Emma got on her knees with her face on the bed and moaned "Lick my p**** you little s***" and Jessie dove right in until Emma orgasmed and then they rolled around kissing and touching until Emma looked at Jessie and shrugged, Jessie said "Done?", Emma looked right at me and said "Unless Terri wants to join" as she spread her legs, Ran her hands up and down the inside of her thighs and smiled at me.
I stood staring, Not on purpose but I suppose I was probably staring at her v***** since she was directing my attention there but I was like "Couch, Cough...Ahem, Couch...Uh...No...I" and Emma stood up beside me, Put her hand on my shoulder and pressed her breast against my arm whispering "Jessie wants to lick your p**** and I want to watch", I said "Whoa ladies...Uh, I am straight, remember, The husband and the kids and...", Jessie stood on the other side of me and ran her fingers through my hair and said "You never?, Not even once?, Not even that little secret you don't tell anyone?", I shook my head no and she leaned in to kiss me, I leaned back, Emma kissed my neck and I got goose bumps, Jessie slid her hand in my strapless dress and I grabbed her wrist but she already had one of my b**** out, I gasped and Emma whispered Let Jessie suck on your big t***.
I was starting to feel like that girl getting forced into a corner when you are young by a group of h**** boys but there were no boys around, Not a...Well...Not a real p**** to be seen, I pulled my breast out of Jessies grasp and tucked my breast back into my dress as they groped at my bum and Emma kept kissing my neck. I got my self half assed dressed and said "No, I don't, I'm not like that...If I was I would totally, Like yeah you are both hot but no, I don't...", Jessie stepped right up in front of me, Took my hand and put it on her breast and said "Erica...This will probably be the only time in your life that a girl will offer to let you sit on her face and expect NOTHING in return".
I stood there choking on my words trying to spit them out but just blabbering while I held Jessies breast until I was finally able to say "I can't" and then Jessie walked away with a shrug, Emma gave me a pouty look and the two of them laid on the bed touching and kissing while I packed up my gear and listened to the two of them rustle around and make noises, I turned around and said "Uh ok..." and froze, Jessie was flat on her back, Emma straddling her face and reaching back fingering her, Emma looked at me and said "You don't know what you are missing, Just pull your dress up and sit on her face, I know you're not wearing panties..." then she bit her bottom lip and said "I peeked and you have a beautiful p****"
If I were a lesbian or even if I had any tendancy to lean that way I would have football tackled both of them right then and there but, I politely excused myself as I left the room. I drove home, left my stuff in the car and jumped my husband on the couch, We moved to the bedroom and I tried not to sit on his face, Every second he was going down on me I tried and then when he pulled away I stood up, Peeled my dress off and told him to lay down, I have never sat on someones face and yes, The whole time I...Well...Sat there I could not shake the idea of you know what, I kept my eyes closed and the whole time I just pictured it and OMG!!!! did I come hard, Over and over and he held my hips and kept licking and I flopped forward on the bed and he just kept going.
I almost f***** up, I caught myself staring to say her name, I said "Ok, Ok, Stop Jess...Stop James", He didn't catch it because he had a face full of v***** and I probably had my thighs clamped over his ears, It has been three nights and I have sat on his face for three nights and every time pictured Jessie or Emma. I have to have everything edited in two days and I haven't even started on the video. How can a full straight woman, I know I am straght but how can a straight woman get so worked up by the idea of doing something that will never happen in real life, That's my confusion.

Mar 16, 2020

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  • Don’t know if the stories here are true or not but this was by far the hottest most plausible one I’ve read! Very hot btw…thanks for sharing 👍🏻

  • So one minute ya names 'terri' then its 'erica' make up ya mind

  • Nothing wrong with your feelings. You were able to watch two women making love. Erotic none the less. I would imagine most would have been excited.

  • I used to video weddings. A full day event checking inn on the girls as they got ready and dropping in on the guys as they played golf or whatever.

    wow who would have imagined. Some things I saw included. Absolute super screaming tantrums brides, brides mothers. Bridesmaids and brides fighting and screaming.

    On one occasion, the brides mother wanted me to film the entire process of dressing her daughter. The girl was only 20 and mom wanted me to start filming as she was in the shower. I am a guy by the way.

    Another super weird one was after the reception the bride and groom and both sets of parents with me in tow left the reception party and went to the bridal suite in the hotel above the restaurant. There we watched and I filmed the bride taking off her underwear and laying on the bed. New husband with all of us watching took off his pants. She had to hitch up her dress so we could all witness penetration and then he had to c** insider her. Then the rest of us went back down and in the elevator the conversation was so matter of fact. Like we'd just done the weirdest thing and they are talking about how well matched they are and how they were looking forward to some grand children and who had given them a car where they were buying a house.

  • A group of us went out clubbing in our 40's. Wife at the time now ex and this other wife were sitting beside each other and suddenly they are tongue kissing. I thought it was hot as. The other husband was totally freaked.

  • I was propositioned by a co worker and her GF at a company Christmas party, I was 22 and they were mid 30's, Both decent looking and I somehow ended up back at their place, I backed out but not before my coworker started going down on me but her GF was positioning to straddle my face and I panicked, I regret not going through with it because I am 28 married with 2 kids now but maybe someday I will venture to that side of the street again.

  • No you are not one of them...just thrilled and still working on believing what happened so far...with time it will go away

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