It takes a while plastic pants

I have a love hate relationship with plastic pants. I wore them as a child because I occasionally wet the bed. When I reached puberty I would put them on without anything under them and m********* in them.

Now at 50 I find I don't get aroused by my wife but I've gone and bought a pair of plastic pants and it's such a turn on. Had the best o***** in years.

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  • This sounds like me to a tee. I don't recall when I stopped actually needing a night diaper but I just kept wearing them complete with plastic pants. Actually in winter, our house was really cold and I would wake up deliberately pee and then go back to sleep. In the morning I'd have a hot shower and take off the sodden diaper in the shower. No one ever really cared and bizarrely I never felt embarrassed.

    When I reached puberty I found I got aroused by the feel of the plastic. I would wear them without the diaper and m********* in them. This even continued when I had various girl friends. I'd spoon them and o***** in my plastic pants.

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