Wife Can't Stop

I have been married for 15 years to a good wife . She has gained a few lbs over the years but was attractive to me even for a woman in her 40s.
When she was younger she was very athletic, I used to call her Wonder Woman she clearly was the strongest and fastest women I had ever met. It was a great turn on to be with her and she gave me a good run for my money as the saying goes.
I had gotten soft, gained to much weight and became a workaholic which translates into a loss in the bed room. We barely had s** once a month which as it turned out to be a great disappointment to her.
She started going to the gym only 2 days in the beginning but quickly expanded to every day and it showed . She developed six pack abs, built muscle in her arms and upper body and had a backside to die for. she was beginning to look like wonder woman again.
After a while , she spent much more time at the gym and less time with our family. It was a 24 hour gym , it never closed.
I suspected she was doing more at the gym besides working out.I knew she went there when I was at work so one day I pretended to go to work but decided to watch her instead. I parked the car in the train parking lot and from a distance watched as she got into a car that had pulled up in front of the house. there were 2 young guys in the car maybe in their 20s and they started flirting right away as they drove off. I also noticed she wasn't wearing her gym clothes, she was wearing a very short skirt and looked fantastic.
My mind began to race as to what she was doing with those 2 guys , i could only guess what wonder woman was doing with 2 young and athletic men.
I had to know, so i bugged her car, if she went anywhere with it I would know, I hid cameras around the house and had an app so i could see what was going on . the only place left was the gym so one night i parked in the gym parking lot in a dark spot so I would watch her car.
Sure enough she comes out of the gym with one of the 2 guys she drove off with that day. They jumped in her car and begin to make out, soon she is on top of this guy and is having s** with him like i have never seen before , now i remember why I called her wonder woman she would muscle every man she had ever been with, she would take control and milk him or sit on his face and dominate him, which is what she did to this guy. He never stood a chance, She was allover him like a wrestler and pinned him in the back seat of her car. She finished him off in about 15 minutes.
I was in shock and to top it off she came out with the other guy she drove off with that day. she had him in the same way she had the first guy, she drained him in no time at all. i could hear her laughing as she dominated him.
The question before me was what do i do ? Do I confront her with what I know, do i let her go on or do I allow her to continue as she is with my permission ?
An answer from some of you ladies would be nice.

Mar 23, 2020

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  • Start working out again?

  • This is a wife you can be very proud of. She has a great body and attracts young studs. Best to not let her have the burden of guilt if you are OK with it. Let her know what you have witnessed and you love her more than ever. Have an agreement that she can continue to f*** other men a long as she tells you about it.

  • She has lost respect for you! She has torched the marriage over s**. There’s plenty y’all could do in bed. She could AT LEAST talk to you about her sexual appetite and tell you what she needs. But she didn’t. She just preferred to f*** other men behind your back. She is living as a single woman. I’ve had ED problems for 5 years or so now but I make sure my wife is taken care of. W my tongue, hands, toys and went as far as injecting meds in my p**** to get hard for her. But there was a time where we didn’t have s** for months at a time. Since she respects me and takes our marriage vows seriously she stayed faithful. She told me what she needed , now and when so we worked at it. We make it work. We’ve made it 30 years so far and neither of us has strayed from the marriage. People put too much into s** in the relationship and when it isn’t perfect they bail and just hop on someone else.
    These people that just say let her f*** others and you be a cuck are ignorant. Why be in a marriage where the wife makes a fool out of her husband? Why be there if all you can do for her is pay bills and look the other way while she f**** different men and bring home who knows what STDs. You deserve someone who loves you no matter what and respects you! Besides if you agree and let her how long would it be until she makes you watch and starts to humiliate you? How long before you end up cleaning her c** fill p**** w your mouth? It’s disgusting to think of that.
    Well that’s my 2 cents anyhow

  • Enjoy it. She can be a hot wife to do a gang bang. She will suck you dry while she taking the other guys big c***

  • You are a true Cuckold, it's a beautiful way to be. Let her lead your relationship and bring her lovers home so she can f*** them in front of you. Afterwards, you may "reclaim" her by licking and sucking her sore, thoroughly-f***** p**** clean of their creamy c**. This is an act of true submission and devotion. Get on tumbex.com and bdslr.com to research cuckoldry to prepare.

  • Have clean and him clean

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