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I read an earlier post about how rape and incest are viewed in Mexico. My parents emigrated to the U.S. in the 1970's from Hungary. We still have family over there. I can tell you that, in Hungary, as well as in several other Eastern European nations, in order for rape to be proven, the a woman has to prove that she physically tried to resist the intercourse. That requirement is actaully written into Hungarian law. Interestingly enough, the Hungarian government says they have a very high conviction rate when it comes to rape. But the over-all number of reported rapes is actually very low. And I know why this is. Because, of course, if a woman knows she has to prove that she physically resisted the intercourse and she did not, then she won't report the rape because, according Hungarian law, there was no rape. Of course this means a man could just threaten to beat a woman if she does not have s** with him. Or the man could threaten a woman with a knife or a gun to get her to have s** with him. And still, if a woman can't prove that she physically resisted the intercourse, there was no rape, according to Hungarian law. And, in Hungary, there is no victim protection like here in the U.S. If a woman files a report claiming she was raped, her name will be revealed in every newpaper and television news report. And there is no police protection for victims or witnesses. So many women just choose not to report when they are raped because they don't want to put themselves and their families through the public srutiny and have their names and their families names in newspapers or on television news reports. When I was last in Hungary, I heard a stories of street-gangs that were constantly raping women and getting away with it. One of my mother's old neighborhood friends had to move because she says she was raped, like, 10 times by street-gang members. She and her husband lived in an apartment with their baby-daughter and, when he would go to work (she is a stay-at-home-mom) these street-gang members would break into her apartment and rape her. She said they would tell her that, if she did not have s** with them, they would hurt her baby-daughter, so she did because she said she didn't know what else to do. She said she never reported it because she says she just could not subject her family to the public humiliation. She never even told her husband. And with good reason. You see, in Hungary, alot of old attitudes still exist. If a woman is found out to have had s** with someone other than her husband, even if it was rape, she's a w****. She said she kept begging her husband to move them to another part of the city, but he never wanted to. She said he would ask her why she wanted to move so badly, but she could never tell him. So, he just took his sweet time in moving them. But, ultimately, he did move them and she stopped getting raped. He still doesn't know anything about it.

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