Just stop it!

I wish people would stop talking about their rapes on this site. Your rape stories can act as triggers for others of us who have been raped. Why would you want to talk about your rapes, anyway? Are you wallowing in self-pity? Stop being a victim! It will only get you raped again. Believe me, I know. When I 15 years old, I was kidnapped and gang-raped by several men many, many times over the course of 5 days. Thank goodness, I was not killed. But it completely destroyed me. I became very promisuous for a while because of my gang-rape. I became a s**-addict and I even prostituted myself for a while. But, after intense therapy, I got back on my feet. But I was warned that statistics show that, if a woman is raped once, it is more likely to happen to her again. Unfortunately, that has turned out to be true for me. I have been raped twice more since that inital gang-rape I suffered, both times by strangers. None of my assailants have ever been caught. So stop dwelling on your rapes. You only make yourself a magnet for other rapists out there. I was once told of an experiment that was done with convicted rapists. The rapists were given a bunch of photos of women and told to pick out which ones had been raped in their lifetimes. They all picked out the women who had ben raped with 90 percent accuracy or better and they all said those were the women they would be drawn to to rape! So stop talking about your rapes! Not only can it get you re-victimized, but when some one like me reads about your rapes, all the memories of my rapes come flooding into my mind like a tidal wave!

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  • S** really feels good doesn't it!

  • It's a confession site you c***. ANd you just told US about your rape you c***. Do you realize you may have just triggered something for someone else the way you just criticized others for doing? C***.

  • OP, Why would you tell other people to not talk about their situations, this might be the only way they can get their own feelings out?
    The poster above me might be a troll fishing for attention, but in a way they are right. If this makes someone else feel better, then they have a right to tell their story here.

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