Oh Vegas

My wife and I have gone to vegas a half dozen times with different couples and this year is the only time it ever went to that special place where we had to break out the "What happens here stays here" Moto. Wandered the strip, stopped in every bar and stumbled home, The girls were both actually frisky and there was a little joking and groping going on as we walked, We got to our room and had a few drinks and I brought up that my wife used to have an affinity for kissing other girls when she drank too much back in her younger years (She is 41), Her friend said "WTF, You have never tried to kiss me", My wife laughed and said "Yeah, Yeah, that was stupid college stuff", I said "Well...And probably 10 years after college" since the last time I seen her kiss a girl was 10 years ago.
Not much else was said about it for a few minutes but me and my friend were out on the patio and he asked if my wife really used to kiss a lot of girls and I told him it was a regular thing when she drank. When we went back in we went with a plan, He straight up said that he had always wanted to see his wife kiss another girl and we urged my wife to show her how it was done. His wife is short, Not bad looking and has fake b****, Mine is similar in height and build with smallish, saggy natural b**** and I think she is gorgeous.
After some teasing and whatever my wife said "Pfffttt, It's no different than kissing a guy, Get over it", My friend said "Well do it then, You'll fulfill my fantasy". It still took a little pushing and proding but finally my wife gave her friend a little peck on the lips, My friend said "That is what you are going to leave her with for the first time she has ever kissed another girl". Until then his wife had been quiet but my wife looked at her and asked if she wanted to and she shrugged and said "It's Vegas baby" and my wife just laughed. We have known them for 10-12 years so we all know each other quite well, Not the first time we have been drunk together or traveled together, We all have kids around the same age and enjoy a lot of the same things.
My friend says "Wait" and pulls the foot bench thing from the foot of the bed out and his wife says "What the f*** is that for", He tells them to straddle it facing each other and sit so they do as both of them almost fall off a couple times before getting their legs entangled and get close enough to each other. Both girls were wearing dresses which were a bit different but from where I was standing I could see up my wife's dress, I knew she was commando under it before we left and I could see right up it but she was drunk and didn't notice. I motioned to him to come to where I was and he did, Looked and his eyes got wide, He elbowed me and she noticed and laughed saying "Oh my god, You two are like a couple teen boys seeing this for the first time, My friend said "I am...Seeing this for the first time", My wife said "Really, You have never seen two girls kiss?", He shook his head and my wife looked at her friend and said "Mmm, Guess we better make it a good kiss then".
I was surprised it was happening already but more surprised that both of them were getting into it, My friend said "Hold on", Everyone stopped and he straddled the bench behind my wife saying "I want to see her", My wife said "Ok, Don't be creepy back there" then looked at me and said "Sit" motioning toward the spot behind her friend. I sat and her dress was wide open in the back and she was very obviously not wearing a bra but I had not noticed from earlier that she was also commando so she had nothing on under where my wife had worn a bra due to her...Sagging issues, The way her friend was sitting I could see down the back of her dress and could see the top of her ass and there was nothing there.
As they started to lean in her friend said "Well, after tonight...After 39 years of being able to say I have never done this I won't be able to anymore", everyone giggled and they touched lips, He leaned to one side to watch and I to the other, They started kissing and kept kissing, I looked at him, He looked at me and lifted his eyebrows. He shuffled up behind my wife so I did the same with his, He reached forward and took my wife's hand placing it on his wife's b***. My wife broke the lip lock but the two looked at each other and his wife looked down then put her hand on top of my wife's and they started kissing again. They started groping and kissing and my wife slipped her free hand behind her friends back and started groping my bulge.
I put my hands on his wife's back and started rubbing, She let out a little moan and my wife opened her eyes, Looked at me and shrugged, I worked my hands down her sides and held her hips and she kind of twitched a little and moaned again, I grabbed the sides of her dress and pulled and it slid out from under her, My wife reached behind her own back and my friend postured up. My wife went from kissing her friend to kissing and nibbling her neck and I watched her face as she did. My wife looked at me and mouthed the words "take off your pants". No need to tell me twice, I stood up, Motioned to my friend and he did the same.
His wife noticed when we stood up and I seen her look at her husband and lift her eyebrows then looked back at me then at my wife and my wife started kissing her again, My wife stopped and said to her friend "Do what I do", Her friend nodded and she told my friend to sit, He did and my wife had him slide forward so I did the same, My wife reached betewwn her legs and I have never seen her touch another man, Ever so I was locked right on her face as she did, She told him to spreadh is legs more and he did, she pressed his c*** down and pressed her bum back sitting down on it. The two girls had different dresses on and my wife in this position basically had her dress wide open hanging off the side leaving the whole scene in plain view, Her friend reached back and grabbed my shaft saying "Oh geez" and did the same sitting down on it, I looked at my wife's crotch and there was a bit of his sticking out and then I looked down at her friends crotch and this was the first time I seen her p**** but there was a couple inches sticking out so I was pretty sure I was bigger than him.
My wife said "oops" and looked down as my friend pulled her strapless bra out from one side and tossed it to the floor, He then undid her dress and I pulled his wifes neck strap up over her head and we both got their b**** out, My wife has kind of big arolea about the size of the circle created if you put your thumb and middle finger together and she has nipples about the size of your pinky to the first knuckle, His wife has tiny ones about the size of a quarter with a pencil eraser on top and perfectly round and super firm. Both girls were sliding back and forth and my wife's friend was reaching down rubbing my tip while I groped her b**** and then she slid forward and back and it started to slip in, She slid forward and moaned then slid her thumb under her p**** and pressed it down leaning forward and pressing her c*** against it.
My friend looked at me and I looked at him and I nodded, He leaned back, Grabbed my wife by the hips and just lifted her a little bit the pulled her back and his wife and I watched as she moaned while she slid onto his c***, she got her legs outside his and sat down, Me and his wife could see the whole thing as she lifted up and sat back down again moaning and twitching. I grabbed his wife by the hips, Did the same and she reached back rubbing my k*** on her hole, My wife reached over and lifted her dress so the two of them could watch as she slid down on my c*** and moaned, The two girls leaned forward and kissed while riding us for a few minutes.
After a few minutes my friend grabbed my wife and they moved to the floor, I sld back and bent his wife over the bench we had been sitting on and we proceeded to s**** them, I came inside her once and once on her t*** after we moved to the floor beside her husband and my wife and then I put it back in and was hard but there was no way I was getting off a third time. He and my wife both say he only came once on her stomach so I guess I win. We have not had a repeat performance since and my wife says she never will although everyone had at least one o*****, She claims it was a one time deal and will never be repeated but I really hope she is wrong.


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  • My wife and I went to vegas and my early 40's wife was getting hit on by a girl close to half her age, My wife went off the deep end and agreed to have her first girl/Girl experience, I was only allowed to watch but a very pretty 20 something girl gave my wife an o***** and while my wife was distracted I may or may not have fingered the girl.
    One and only time anything like that has ever happened but will cherish it forever.

  • Boring-ass Serial Post: Vegas Version

    - Blahblahblah Vegas
    - Text wall
    - We got drunk!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!
    - My wife ___________ed!!!!!! omfg!!!!!!!!
    - Did we mention Vegas?
    - Yeah, this bullshit story "happened" in Vegas.
    - Crazy stuff!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!!
    - Vegas

    I mean, it's great that you have a hobby that doesn't involve crawl spaces and all... but vary your content once in a damn while!!

  • Lol, so true

  • As an older man who might have fantasized about things like this when I was much younger, the story got my c*** hard for the first time in months. Thanks

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