Worried about Mario

I have psychic powers and I am worried about Gov. Mario Cuomo. My psychic powers tell me that he is under too much stress from this virus situation and he is going to land in the hospital soon with a heart attack. He doesn't look well. It is going to happen soon within 36 days. Today is March 26. All for now.

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  • Mario probably doesn't look well because he's been dead for so long. yes, death does take a toll on you.

  • I'm worried about YOU.

  • -Another- loser claiming to have powers they plainly don't? Wtf. Did someone leave the door to the brain injury ward open or something?

  • My psychic power is bigger than yours.

  • But blaine likes to sit on the other childrens stomachs during recess

  • Your psychic powers should have altered you to the fact that Mario died in 2015.

  • Mario is not the governor of NY. Mario was the governor there, it's true, once upon a time, but that was years ago. The Cuomo that is now the governor there is Andrew (again, NOT Mario), the son of Mario, and the brother of Chris, who is a news anchor on CNN. I think you already knew all that, and you were just trying to have a bit of fun with us, but if not, then only thing weaker than your purported psychic powers is your intellect.

  • Either that or the commenter is "seeing" into the past. LOL

  • Yeah I have psychic powers too. They tell me this is **

  • LOL!!!


  • I recommend you see a therapist if this is not a joke...

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