That was fun

My wife has always been a small chested woman and there was a time I would even say she was flat chested, I don't know if her mom was stepping out when she concieved my wife's little sister but they look nothing alike and her sister has very large b******. I was with my wife from the time her sister was 12 and my wife was 16, Her sister was almost as tall as her and already had b**** starting, From that time on they continued to grow and I swear you could almost notice the difference from week to week.
By the time her sister was 13 or maybe 14 my wife and her mom were pushing her to wear bras because she had b****, Not just nips showing but actual b**** that wiggled and jiggled when she walked, I swear by the time she was 14 and my wife was 18 she had bigger b**** than my wife. By 16 she was a d-cup and still a decent body, A few inches taller than my wife and stacked. By that age she was starting to come into her own a little and showing some skin, I got many elbows in the ribs for looking, She is now 21 and has huge t***, Not b**** anymore they are t*** and she is not shy about them, One time about a month ago we were boating and I looked over, She had one nip slipping out and I mentioned it to her, She thanked me and tucked it in and continued her day like nothing happened, Yesterday we were sitting around and she had come over to borrow a dress from my wife, I was on the couch and my wife was sitting beside me, Her sister called for my wife and she went into the bedroom, I could hear them and my wife laughed, Her sister said "Yeah, Right? Not even close but my hair is caught" My wife came back saying they needed help, I went in and she had caught her hair in the zipper of the dress but...The dress she had on I haven't seen my wife wear in...years, Many years.
Short, tight and strapless so she was obviously not wearing a bra, Her t*** were barely and I do mean barely contained in it, I looked at my wife as her sister had her back to me and raised my eyebrows, My wife just tilted her head to the side and scowled. Just then the phone rang and my wife said "Help her" and left the bedroom, I looked at the situation and her hair and a bit of the fabric were caught in the zipper, I told her and said to hold her hair as I was going to have to pull the zipper hard. She reached back and from the side I could see one of her t*** almost slipped out of the top and her nipple was right there wanting to pop out.
I grabbed the zipper and the dress while she held her hair, I pulled up on the dress and the bottom of her bum cheeks were showing, I took a little peek and then zipped it down, when I did it fell all the way down and she bent over to grab it, I stepped back looking at her little ass as she pulled it up to her waist and turned to face me with her arm covering her b****. She looked at me red faced and said "Really?", I shrugged and said "Uh...Duh..Uh" and she looked over my shoulder, Stepped to the side and put her hands on her hips holding her dress while raising one eybrow at me.
Ok, My wife's siter is only 21 but oh my F'ing god has she got beautiful t***, They will one day be big saggy ugly t*** but right now they are humongous, Round and hang just right, Big, Oblong pink areolas and big hard pink nips. I reached out and she slapped my hand saying "No" and pulled her dress up, I said "Sorry" and she just giggled. I left the room and my wife looked at me still on the phone and gave me a thumbs up questioning if we were all good, I gave her one back and she went back to her conversation.
What a great day.

Mar 25, 2020

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  • At 50, do you have a hairy c***? Boy, do I love sucking them!!!!!

  • My wife does email me and i will send u pic

  • Smaller b**** do not sag much with age ... I have small b**** but at my age - early 50, I feel only a little sag. I wear 34C cups, unpaded.

  • Send me a picture.

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