Sissy baby girl

Hi I’m 27 years old male who loves to wear diapers and sissy baby outfits. I have responsibilities and and never have enough money to buy bonnets and diapers. I keep pushing this side away but i just love the idea of looking ridiculous. My ultimate fantasy is for a bunch of girls to lock me in an outfit that I can’t get out of. A sissy baby dress with a bonnet and a fat diaper butt. With locking mittens and forced to walk in public. Waddling all over town people laughing at me. Until I get to my room.

Mar 28, 2020

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  • Hi there sweety
    I’m sissy baby fweddy and I love to b a big sissy wimp helpless diaper baby too..
    And live wearing cloth diaper and plastic pants and sissy dresses and matching ruffled rhumba panties and bonnets allthetime,
    Love being outside dressed up in my sissy baby dresses and things,
    I’m from mich

  • Hi there. I'm a sissy baby. And loved your post! I plan to physically turn myself into really sissy baby in the next couple of years. I do hope you find the time and the funds to start living the life you want. Have a good day, stay safe.

  • Have worn a diaper all night and peed so much I am soaked as is my bed. I suck a dummy to help me sleep. Would like to be rocked to sleep suckling a lactating br east and getting my nappy changed whilst being spanked and told what a bad baby I am.

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