Adult bedwetter

I’m 38 years old and have to wear diapers every night because I wet the bed



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  • Me too, I'm 24 years old and I wear diapers every night because I wet the bed. But I also have to wear them during the day cause I have a tendency to wet my pants during the day. I can't always make it to the bathroom on time so it's comforting to have the extra security and reassurance that I won't wet my clothes just my diaper.

  • You keep it up and one day you will need them for real. Then your fantasy will be your nightmare.

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  • You need to b**** slap her back into submission. Do you know what you say to a woman with two black eyes?

    Nothing she has been told twice before!

  • You are not as lame as me though. I am angry black man with nothing useful to say. Bill Cosby. You are killing me. Why yall gotta say so. Serena. White women. *picks nose* Duh.

  • 👆💩head

  • Your emoji game is almost as bad as your language game. L M A O

  • 🤢🤮 does that help you? You see I am much older than you children who only know about emoji and thats about it. You stupid scumbags think you know it all when to don't know s***. Go put your diaper on baby.

  • There is something sexy about a woman having to hold and or wet themselves.

    Nothing sexy about a man in that situation.

  • I wear sanitarypads{2} and womens urinary panties. tampons too if neededmakes me feel feminine as if having a p****. wish one beetween my legs. would like to have b***** period as well

  • How do you wear tampons?

  • M or F?

  • Weak a$$ man

  • I was 9 when I deliberately wet the bed the first time.

  • Poor fate

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