Diapers 24/7

When I was almost 6 I was forced to wear diapers and plastic baby panties. I hated the diapers and plastic baby panties, sleeping in a crib the whole baby treatment. After a while I adapted, lost control and got use to being treated like a baby. Now I have diabetes and a very weak bladder and must wear diapers. I tried not to wear diapers and soaked my pants leaving a wet seat and a big puddle under my chair there were over 50 people in the room. I have never been more Humiliated in my life. Wearing diapers is not as humiliating, most people don’t know I’m in diapers and the plastic panties. And if they do they don’t embarrass me, guessing it’s a medical necessity. If they are offended that’s there problem, not mine. I have embraced wearing diapers. They are soft, warm and comfortable. I like my baby panties too. The first clothing I wore at birth was a diaper, and the last will also be diapers! That’s life.


Jul 5, 2021

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  • I love wearing Snap On Plastic Baby Panties.

  • I've been wearing diapers for a long time too. I was struggling to be potty trained. My parents eventually gave up. I love diapers anyways.

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