I hate squints

Chinese people

Yes, I won't even capitalize their damn name. Can't stand them.

They are sneaky, they are dirty, they still our state secrets and intellectual property. They take our money, take our jobs and produce freaking garbage products.

Can. Not. Stand. SQUINTS.

Die already you disease ridden f****.

I don't hate African Americans.
I don't hate Asians.
I don't hate Latinos.
I don't hate Whites.

I DO HATE chinese

Mar 30, 2020

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  • I like it. Sqints. I'm going to use that word for now on. Thank you. No more slant eye monkeys

  • Chinese are disgusting inhumane people. They have no heart and are inhumane. Any people that would allow dog meat festivals in which dogs are skinned and boiled alive deserve to die. I wish they would just vaporize out of existence. They lie, cheat, steal, copy, and are very inferior intellectually and physically than most people in the world

  • I am Korean and let me give you an advice. Always stay away from China. All chinese are pests. My country had to deal with those f****** for almost 5000 years.

  • Filthy disgusting animals

  • First of all i am a non chinese my friend and i can feel you why you hate them...but my friend hate will not change and it will make the situation only worse....we all are frustrated and facing a hard time due to this virus issue still I request you to stay positive and pray and pray alot thats what i do..atleast it keeps me calm..try that all the best

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