Sitting on my maid's fat belly

Hello all ....
Mom and dad both being job holders, they used to go to work in the morning and used to return at night. In the mean time they've hired a maid to look after me. She was not so super hot but kinda looked sexy to me. I think she had this idea of me sitting on her. Right from the beginning she used to make me sit on her stomach and she used to tell stories. I liked it a lot and used to to this every day. Right after my school ....I used to come home and the first thing I do is call her, make her to lay down on the floor and sit in her fat stomach...god I loved it so much...
Now that I'm 20 years now ....and for my kuch she still works at my house....I find some lone time to sit on her whenever nobody is at home...
I usually put on songs and sit on her and I rock back and forth and I dance by sitting on her stomach.
She was very fat that when I sit on her with my knees pointing towards the kneees wouldn't touch the floor at all....I forcibly push her stoamch inside and try to touch my knees to the floor....
Got it is so great feels like heaven whike sitting on my maid stomach.
Comment and tell me how do you people feel about my story.....thank you...

Apr 1, 2020

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  • When I was 12, my babysitter liked to sit on my stomach. She was a lot heavier than me because she was an adult woman and I was just a boy but it felt good. So good that I would ask girls to sit on me. I was hooked and I still have women sit on my stomach to this day more than 50 years later. Recently, I had a 350 pound woman sit and bounce on my stomach for over an hour and a half. It never felt better.

  • When I was a young boy my babysitter used to sit on my stomach. She was so much heavier than me and it felt so very good!

  • When I was in High School (7 years ago) there was a man who my girlfriend at the time worked for as a part time maid. He used to pay us to sit on his stomach. He liked to smell our feet while we sat on his stomach. We would take turns sitting on his stomach and making him smell our feet. Often times after we had been sitting on him a while and taking turns he would get us to sit double while making out. I would sit on his stomach and she would straddle me. After making out for a while she would turn and sit in me lap and we would both make him smell our feet. He paid us $100 each per session, there was no time limit, just until he wanted to be done. It’s strange what people get off on, it was kind of fun though, there were lots of times I would have done it for free. I used to drive her over to his house and that’s how I got involved.

  • Same thing, but I love sitting on a guys stomach especially when he laughs. It’s the most amazing feeling.

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