China virus

I f****** hate the chinese f****** racist, slit eyed, m************. People see and sometimes sympathize these garbage, dog eating, bat eating, cat eating mother f******. I walk away because they are heartless, liar, cheating, racist little human being running around in USA and need to be put in their place. if they had any respect they would not do this. general all men and women are the same. anyone of these little s*** smelling are all in for themselves.

Apr 1, 2020

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  • Leave Chinese people. White man hates you. You have divided this country. There is no love in this country.

  • I hope you and your family all burn in h***.

  • F*** off chinchong scum. I will rip out your throat and shove it up your ass you disgusting yellow barbarian. After that, I'm gonna kill your slit eyed family and let you hear their delightful screams of death for what you have done to us.

  • Shut up and die already. Cant wait to p*** on ur family grave. Slave to chinese

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