Sitting on the stomach

Since I was 10 y/o I have enjoy sitting on friends stomachs during playful wrestling. I'm now 55 and continue to enjoy sitting on a stomach. I still manage to find young males between 18 - 22 to sit on. I should add that it is all consensual. I suppose I've never stopped enjoying playful wrestle fun. Sometimes I wish I not have this interest but I do. I like to satisfy it as often as I can. I would welcome comments from those with the same interest, I would welcome meeting those with the same interest. For me it has always been male friends. I've never had the chance to sit on a female stomach. I await your comments... Oh yes, Berkshire, UK.

Sep 6, 2014

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  • Girl who wants me to sit on her stomach in Colombia between 18 and 45 years old skinny or half fat write to me at

  • Some men just enjoy being sat on. I know because I'm one of them. It started when I was 12 years old in 1960 and I still enjoy it to this day. I've been sat on and bounced on more times than I can count, usually on my stomach but often on my chest. I weigh about 80 kg and the heaviest person to sit on me weighed about 150 kg. That was in September 2015.

  • Looking for young guys willing to be sat on. As original post but now 57 years young. Is there anyone out there who is willing? Contact me:

    Berkshire UK.

  • I'm still looking for young guys I can sit on. I know it's an unusual fetish but I love it. Right now I have a French 19 yo staying. He's been sat on a few times. If any young guys in the Berkshire or a West London area would enjoy a little playful wrestle fun with plenty of stomach sitting then I'd love to hear from you please. Male on male, please be young. See my original post above. Thanks.

  • Hey, I had an interesting experience sitting on a young man. I normally like to sit on a woman's chest or stomach which is no big secret. One day I was at a party and was challenged by a woman to sit on her chest. She had heard that I liked doing that. She thought she could support my weight for at least 15 minutes. I weighed 125 kg at the time. Everybody thought that was a great idea and she lay down on the hardwood floor. I sat on her chest and she gasped. I told her I would get off if I was too heavy. She said no that she would continue. And she made it! Then I was challenged by a young man 18 years old. he challenged me to sit on his stomach for 20 minutes and then another 20 minutes on his chest. Surprisingly he was able to withstand it even though I bounced on him!

  • Hi..I am 18 years old boy and I wud like u to sit on my stomach

  • So who are you? I'd love to sit on you. I'm in Berkshire, UK. I hope we can chat some more!!

  • Hey,I m 18 years old boy from London and I like older male sitting on my soft stomach. I thing you wud enjoy sitting on my stomach. Email me

  • I am interested but I am in India. My email is

  • I would like to sit on u but the problem is I am in India. How can we meet.

  • I have the opposite fetish I enjoy for my stomach to be sat on. I will regularly get my wife to sit on my stomach. I would love for her to sit on my stomach and after an hour or so get one of her friends to sit on her lap. I could never ask her for this and besides witch one of her friends would agree to such a thing. I also love to smell her feet and suck on her toes while she sits on me. She absolutely loves it when I lick between her toes she says it feels "divine" she also loves for me to nibble and suck on her heels and lick the bottoms of her tired feet after taking her shoes off from a long day at work. Sometimes her feet are really smelly especially if she wears the same hose for two or three days in row. Sometimes she sits on my stomach for a few hours at a time only getting up for a quick bathroom break. I would have to say that I enjoy stomach sitting very much for what ever reason. I have had this fetish as long as I can remember. I am curious as to how many people and or couples do this sort of thing and what it means.

  • I know a lot of people have a stomach sitting fetish. I know I do. I enjoy being sat on by women and also sitting on them. Now finding a woman to sit on me isn't difficult but finding a woman who is willing to be sat on can be. Thirty or more women have sat on me over the years but only four or so have consented to be sat on by me. And I've enjoyed it immensely. I often have an o***** when a woman sits on me.

  • From where you are?

  • I think it means you get aroused by being dominated by your wife. It sounds like she enjoys doing it to you. The fact that she is willing to sit on you for long periods probably indicates that she likes it especially if you are pampering her feet, most women love that. I know I would. I would gladly sit on my hubbys stomach if he would take my shoes off and do all of that! He would have to roll me off of him to stop! I wish mine did that, your wifes a lucky girl.

  • No way dude! I can't believe that there is someone else out there like me! I had a gf in high school that I used to get her to do that for me and she had a friend that would also participate sometimes separate and sometimes together. I would pay them $50 each to sit on my stomach and make me smell their feet. It was pretty comical.

  • I'm glad that I am not the only crazy person around. In the city where I live there is a massage therapist who specializes in sitting on her customers. I visited her and she sat on me for the whole hour for her regular massage fee. She will sit on you bounce on you even trample you for the same basic massage fee. Amazing.

  • I prefer to have women sit on stomach and have done so for years. Usually they are pretty average sized women and I think that there is a se***l element to it as well. Some time ago I was dating a widow. She liked to sit on my stomach and flash her b--bs at me as well. Another woman likes to sit on my stomach and chest without a stitch of anything on. I once wanted to see what it felt like to sat on by a very heavy woman. I found a massage therapist who weighed 260+ pounds. I offered her normal massage fee to sit on my stomach for as long as I could take it. I lasted over an hour. I even paid her a tip.

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