Adventures in cuckolding

I really don't understand why so many people are against sharing their wifeand why they have to be so insulting about it.
I have read many posts here and have seen some very rude remarks and I am sure that sharing your wife is not for everyone it is very stimulating if you do it fore recreation like my wife and I do.
We have a secure relationship and at first we just joined a swinger group but I found more enjoyment out of watching my wife with other guys and she really gets into it.
We have talked about it and she admits that it is very exciting but she never considers a guy more than a lover because her and I can talk about it and she says it is just s** to her without any lasting desire to be with a different man than me.
I feel the same way although I mostly just watch her and take pictures.
She can o***** several times and it makes for a good gang bang watching her take multiple c**** and she has tried large small and in-between preferring mostly the 8 to 9 inch c**** but it is jut s** to her without any feeling for the guy.
Again it probably is not meant for all people but to couples like us it has brought s** back into our bedroom and She likes to watch the movies we make and go through the pictures that I take of her.
So please be a little tolerant to those of us that do like this lifestyle.

Apr 1, 2020

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  • I've enjoyed watching my wife seduce and f__k h**** guys. She's told me , she enjoys the control over them as they hit on her and she engages in seductive and provocative postures, legs crossed exposing the V, rubbing her foot against the back of the Guys leg, tangling her high heels. Whatever comes to mind. She's so sensual & erotic, and loves s**, but only if She desires You.

  • I have shared my girl and its such a turn on to watch her suck and f*** another guy she is a sub and she loves it wanna hear more

  • Yes

  • My wife Kathy ( All our friends jus call her Kat ) is a doll 5 ft 1 inch about 99-to 101 pounds dark hair a few stretch marks around her belly from childbirth of two children she is not beautiful but her face is pleasant to look at and when she gets sexually excites you can see the devil in her smile. 34 B-cup b****** and if there is anything at all wrong with her it is her nipples that aroused are almost an inch long they are a little off center giving them kind of a cross eyed look.
    Her favorite position when she c*** is the cowgirl and it is also the most interesting thing to watch .
    When she gets to the point of no return she leans forward with her hands on the guys belly her head bowed with her hair hanging in her face and her hips sliding back and fourth on his c*** her body glistens with her perspirations and the slurping sounds of her very wet p**** and her excited woman's aroma and when she dose c** she freezes in place and her back arches as her body begins to quake in release as she gasps for breath as she c***.
    She moves slowly on his c*** for long seconds and sometimes she will look over at me her eyes still reflect her pleasure in a slightly demented smile then she will blow her hair out of her face and laugh her body still jerking in release god she is so beautiful.

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