So offer's to step in for his dad

Had my son when i was 14 and he is 19 now,we are very close do most things together,I happened to mention that his dad can't get it up anymore and i missed having s**, He came up behind me and hugged me said it's ok im here if you need me and felt his d*** pressing against my bum,I laughed it off and when i turned round he said i would do you here right now,I tried to make it look like i was putting up a fight but wasn't really,we just ended up in the living room where he just f***** me, first time in 2 years and missed it so much,if it's kept a secret then no one is getting hurt.



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  • It happens for get it

  • Sickfucking incest loving pedo's should die

  • Nothing wrong with family s**

  • You're a good mom.

  • No, I'm a bored 19 year old dude. Thx 4 playin

  • Mom and son s** is wonderful and I see nothing wrong with it. Not my mom but I've had a long lasting sexual 1st cousin relationship. We both enjoyed eachother very much.

  • I used to have s** with my mum and it is was fantastic. Absolutely nothing wrong with family s**.

  • Yes it happenn

  • And should be legalized everywhere!!

  • Die sick incest loving pedo

  • Nothing wrong with incest

  • If I was him I'd want to f*** you daily .
    Describe yourself.
    I'm hard imagining the possibilities for your son f****** his mother's presumably hairy c***.
    I wanted to f*** my mum but never did,
    I wanked every day though.
    She was 30 years older than me.

  • Do it

  • I don't see a problem with this apart from doing it behind your husband's back.

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