I feel so bad for this

For the longest time, perhaps, when I was around 7 (I first got social media, you can probably tell I'm not too old). Online - I have faked to be somebody I am not. I do not steal pictures but I change my gender, height and personality to date people. I never take the dating serious and I've dated somebody in real life whilst dating one of my online pets who doesn't know I'm fake. The worst part is -- most of these are male gay teens and I'm a girl teen. I
You may ask why i do this, I just enjoy toying with people. Another reason is- I hate who I am and I'd love to be somebody else.

Everyone in real life thinks i'm so sweet and so kind but I'm not. Thanks for taking the time to read this s***, I appreciate it. Will i stop doing this? maybe, or maybe not.



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  • You are like a few liars on this site posting about kiddy s e x and incest. But your story is no where near as bad as theirs is.

  • You sound like a wanna be person and mind you faking will not last long...some day you will realize so you need to stop and there are many other ways to adventure rather than playing with some one’s feelings

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