Truth and dare

Me and my brother have been off school for two weeks. and we have started playing T&D started off just doing silly stuff. but today he asked me if i have ever masturbated? i am 11 and he is 14.. i said i had done it a couple of time yes but not much.. i asked if he had? and said he does it almost every day!! hr then dared me to show him my b****.. i flashed them to him though i am only a 32A cup he said they looked good, i asked him for a truth and he said he wanted to show me his willy and i agreed he pulled down his pants and showed me it. then he started to rub it and it grue hard it looked amazing! He said i could touch it if i wanted too so i did, it was so hard in my hand he held my hand under his and moved mine up and down it. i feel so bad about it but cant stop thinking about how good it felt

Apr 6, 2020

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  • Love to read the confessions of young girls, they make me extremely hard and I stroke my stuffy slowly to them.
    I love to read about young budding b****** and young fuzzy hair between their legs. If you are young and reading this please post about yourself and what you do when alone, and make it a long post so I can take my time reading about what you are doing so can erupt and explode to your words as I image watching you

  • Idiot! The game is called "truth OR Dare", not Truth AND Dare". Idiot!

  • You are not alone on this, this has happened to the best of us, puberty makes you do dumb things, but you learn from them. Curiosity about the opposite s** is perfectly normal, it is only your brain that tells you it's wrong. Your changing body is like a computer that is running very complex programs, one of those programs is how your body responds to visual and sexual stimulus... I am sure that your body responded with a rapid heart rate, increased adrenaline flow, and let's just throw it out there, you got excited. All Perfectly normal. It is your brain that is saying, "But, that was my brother?" Your body can not tell the difference. Seeing,touching, and thinking about your brother in the nude again is perfectly normal, just don't take it too far, no matter how much your body wants too! (You, being 11, I am sure that I don't have to explain what I am talking about.)

  • Continue your exploration. It will be fun. Just be careful in all you do. Good luck.

  • If you are there, I can help you both?

  • How?

  • I will be honest its just the girl I'm interested in!

  • You have to be there now??

  • Are you there now?

  • You shouldn't feel bad you're not only brother and sister to do this ;)

  • Love you to feel mine too

  • Do you want to do more op?

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