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Ok so I met this really nice guy on a game he eventually told me if he can have my number so why not.he is 4 years older than me and lives in another state than I.so he then asked me out.he told me im not like any other girl he met and he would kill himself if I didn't say yes so I did what I could I said yes.it's going good so far but then something else happened, he asked me to marry him.i was happy and disappointed because we haven't even met yet but he didn't care he said I'll wait 4 you but I couldn't.so I said no, he started crying saying that he was going to shoot himself so I said ok.i do love him but then he started to say I cant wait for you and me to be in the same house and I started to freak out we have only known each other for a month ok.so what should I do i dont know if anything is gonna work out please help.

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  • This sounds like a catfish. Chances are this won't work out.. he's already threatening suicide if you won't do something? C'mon. Have you actually skyped with him? Is he actually someone who is 4 years older? For all you know, he could be 25 years older than you, married with kids. Chatting with a bunch of other girls. Or could even be a girl. Don't sext with him, send him pictures, give him your address or send him any money. Change your cell number and cease contact with him. Protect yourself. There are real dangers out there and they are looking for girls who are naive enough to take the bait.

  • Well he has called me a number of times

  • Calling you a number of times still doesn't mean he is who he says he is. Guys can have young voices and some women can sound like men. Ask him to skype. If he refuses or gives you excuses, you may have your answer. Just be careful.

  • Well he has asked me 2 skype him but i havnt had time so maybe he is telling the truth?

  • Maybe..but why haven't you made the time to Skype if this relationship is so important for you to make work? A relationship can't survive on text messages alone. You have to communicate in other ways. I would Skype immediately so you can see for yourself. And get some of these questions answered. Also, why don't you slow this relationship down. It's going too fast.. there's nothing wrong with taking baby steps.

  • I know but let's just say I still live with my patents and my parents r strict about dating so it's a secret. I know he's going to fast I try to tell about taking it slow but he's too excited about it

  • We've all done things that we don't tell our parents about. But in this case, your parents are spot on with being strict with you and dating (especially online dating) and the reason is to protect you. Case in point..you think this guy you're talking to is harmless. God forbid, if something happens to you, they won't be able to help you because it's a "secret". No one that you date should be pressuring you or threatening you to get married or that he will commit suicide. Seriously, what is wrong with him? Even if you are inexperienced with guys, you have to have some idea of what you want in a boyfriend and relationship. Again, you have no idea who you are truly dealing with. Maybe he's 4 years older, you don't know. Pictures don't prove anything. He could send you anyone's image. He sounds like he has emotional issues that may very well be beyond the scope of what you can deal with. Don't be naive or trusting. That's sad, but you have to stay safe and make smart decisions. Don't feel as though if you stop chatting with this guy, that you'll never meet anyone, you will. And maybe he'll be in your town. Look maybe he is 4 years older and completely harmless..but if he's not. I don't want to scare you, but want you to be safe. Watch this show...Web of lies on Investigation Discovery. It may change your mind about online dating or just not seeing who you are talking to. http://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/web-of-lies/web-of-lies-videos/the-online-chat-golden-rule.htm

  • Ok then thanks for helping me i know sometimes i could be stupid but its nice to know someone cares so thanks for the help i appreciate it :)

  • Have s** with him on weekly or daily basis. Wait till he gets exhausted or tired.

  • Well remember when i mentioned we haven't met yet.well he's kinda a perv so we usally sext each other through the phone

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