My boy friend nock up my little sister

My little sister likes f****** my boyfriends . I was mad at first . But it happened so much I started to injoy yousing my toy will seeing my little sister get f***** . My new boyfriend I haven't even f***** him yet . I took him to my bed room whare my little sister was naked in my bed he was all over her and she was loving his big d*** . I had her lay on me as he f***** her . With a d**** deep in me he wint all the way with her just like all the Uther guys had but she was to young to get pregnant . But she was close and he got her pregnant we all 3 love f****** now



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  • When I was courting my wife she warned that her sister would try to sleep with me. She does that to most of her men. When I found out her age I was horrified. There was no way I was going to risk jail for a taste of her sister's tail.

  • So now you are a boy Just go stand on the tracks and wait

  • Your daddy must have ran a lot of trans on your ass

  • No dad never got me a TRANSgendered person but he did give me a TRAIN set. You put it on tracks and it goes round the tracks. But you should stand on the real ones though

  • U must have been so in love with that train s** that u didn't even know he busted a nut in your ass

  • Is that what happened to you

  • Nope hope he is still waiting on the tracks.

  • Fake story

  • Please learn to spell!!!!!

  • Birth control is essential with casual s**

  • No, let her feel ucum

  • Perv lol

  • Yeah but it sure is fun!

  • Lovely tight lilpussy

  • Sickfuck

  • So how old are you? Sounds like yall havin fun!

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