I confess that Andrew Cuomo

I confess that Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo are incredible dipshits and unbelievable wieners.

Apr 7, 2020

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  • So"d their daddy.

  • Many, many leaders get where they are because of who their families are and gladhanding, not because they're any good. By definition, anyone who WANTS to hold a public office should be kept from doing it. That's because people like that are in it for the power, not to compassionately guide their fellow humans.

  • Your words are true. We don't even live in New York. We do, however, recognize whining and excuse making when we hear it.

  • Yep. Lots of that going around from supposed "leaders". I listen to medical personnel and professionals, and the windbags are disregarded even more than usual. Especially when they start whining because their agenda goes against the medical people trying to keep down the fatality numbers!

  • Can"t argue with you. Andrew especially needs a beating.

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