My mom was a prostitute and so was I

I never grew up in a comfortable house. No dead beat dad, my mom's roommate was an all around dealer, and my mom use to sell her body for the extra cash. Everything about it was so trashy. Thankfully I was never exposed to any hardcore drugs but I wasn't blind to all the s**. It didn't take too long before I started having s**, before I started selling myself too. I hated that place I was in. I hated everything about it. That's why when i had my chance I left it all behind

Apr 10, 2020

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  • I live in Las Vegas, it used to shock me on how often daughters of Escorts become Escorts themselves.

  • I'm a 46 year old guy. My mother was also a call girl. When I was 14, one of Mom's clients came to f*** her, but she was passed out from heroin. He offered my $50, to f*** my ass. I said no, I'm not gay and a virgin. He offered $200 then I saw mom leaning against with wall only in a sheet. She say "Baby let him we need the money." I started crying, Please Mom no. But she lead me to her bed and undressed me. He was naked too and super hard. Mom lubed my ass well, inserting her fingers in me.

    Then he entered me, it was agony he was so big, 9 or 10 inches. Final he came in me and said my ass is better than your p**** to mom and left.

    My ass bled for two days. But that weekend he was back and he used me again. Soon Mom has other men who f***** me. By 15, I was sucking c*** and swallowing and being ass f***** by 30 or 40 men a week. With some men I came while receiving a***. I dropped out of school and Mom continued to p*** me out. That summer on Saturday's we began putting on a s** show, with mom and I having s** for small groups of men.

    I still sell my body to multiple men each week. I know no other life. I want a real relationship with a woman. Mom is 65 now i can only become aroused with her. So I have been have s** with her almost every day since 16, to remind myself, I'm not gay.

    I wish I was could be normal. Not have gay s** and not commit incest with my mother.

  • It hurts to read your story. You are locked in and I feel that you really care about your Mom. Yet, inside you know it’s not alright and you wish for something better.
    Long ago, I came home one day and found everyone gone with most of our stuff. When I coughed, the house echoed. I was alone. I thought, “Well, God, it’s just you and me,” and somehow, I felt comforted.
    Sometimes, I wonder who God is and why he lets things go wrong. I think the universe is a thought in God’s mind. He decided to connect with us, not through a big civilization but through a cranky tribe of Hebrews. I don’t know why he lets the world go wrong. But he did come as Jesus of Nazareth and went through h*** to fix it. To put up with that, he must have some terribly important reason I can’t understand. Yet, when I am alone, he comforts me. That much I do know.
    For you, it’s too soon to have a wife. But you can start moving that way. When you meet people who appeal to you, do something nice for them. Love starts as a one-way thing. Many people will not love us back. So, I make sure what I give of myself, I am happy to give away. That way, I can enjoy loving on lots of people.
    Through it all, you still have a beautiful heart. In your heart, you can say too, “God, if you are there, please show me a way through. Show me what you want me to do.” Even in bed with a client or your mother, say in your heart, “God, please help them be content and at peace.”
    I know that sounds weird, but life itself is weird. So, please go with me on this. You have to get in there and break the spell on your life.
    Me too. From time to time, I will ask, “God, please be with him. Give him peace and confidence in you. Please show him a way out of this and give him people with a genuine heart to walk with him through it.”
    When you go off-track, don’t worry. Just say “Sorry, God,” and ask for a fresh start. Jesus has promised to get us back on track as often as we ask him. We can trust him.
    Then it won’t hurt so much.

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