Coronavirus depriving me!

I sniff panties.
Dirty ones.
I love them so much! I sniff my sis in laws all the time, I sniff my mates wives and girlfriends every time I'm over there's. I'm very sociable so I'm at places where panties are a lot.
I sniff them, lick and suck them, and c** as I stroke with them. I can now c** in the time it takes for a normal pee break so no one suspects.
Sometimes my top lip smells of the amazing feminine scent and as I kiss the respective female goodbye, it turns me on thinking how little they know!!
But now coronavirus.
I cant get my fix of dirty panties.
I want to sniff them so so bad.
I use reddit to look at pics and videos, but it's not the same as sniffing my gorgeous pregnant sis in law Emily's wet panties.
Please hurry up and go coronavirus!!!
You are ruining my life!!!!!!!!!

Apr 11, 2020

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  • I love to sniff and lick my step daus Tina's dirty panties every day
    Last month I videoed myself sniffing her dirty panties while jerking off and then sent it to her in a chat room. She could not see my face but she said that it made her hot. Have you ever caught your step dad jerking off I asked her and she said no but I do listen to him and my Mum having s** and it does make me h**** she said. I told her put the panties she was wearing into the hamper in the bathroom and yell out that the bathroom is free and I bet your stepdad immediately goes into the bathroom. She looked quizzically at me. Ok she said I will brb I then told her I needed to go to the loo and went straight into the bathroom and got her very wet and sticky panties and immediately held them up to my nose and took a deep sniff and then took a long lick of her very sticky gusset her juices were so sweat. I shot my load right into her gusset and placed them back. I went back to my laptop and told Sarah to go and check on her dirty orange panties and she came straight back with them in her hand and showed me her gusset full up with my s****. She then looked at me in shock and went bright red How did you know there was a hamper in the bathroom and how did you know that my panties were orange. OHH S*** she said. NOOOO. I'm gonna tell Mum what you have been doing. I said I bet your Mum wouldn't be too happy that you have been masturbating on cam for men and then giving your dirty cummy panties to your stepdad to sniff and lick. next page...

  • Lets make a deal I said you sit on my face while I w*** off and you give me your dirty panties everyday after you have c** in them and I will double your allowance. She nodded. come and sit on Daddies face baby girl. my dream finally came true I was actually getting to lick my stepdaughters little wet cunny for real. Sarah sat right on my face and I pressed my nose right into her little cleft and took a deep sniff mmmmm your cunny smells adorable baby, I actually pushed my nose between her lips and it slipped inside her v***** her juices immediately filled my nostrils. I then started to lick her hole and slipped my tongue right inside her and started to tongue f*** her. She started to moan and I made her call me Daddy as she rubbed her cunny all over my face, I started to gently suck on her little c*** and that was enough to make her c** all over my face as she said ohh naughty Daddy your making your little girl c**. was actually shocked by how much juices she spread over my face .Since then now she actually flashes her little panties any chance she gets. She told me she loves to flash one of her teachers her little panties pretending that she is not aware. You should suprise him at the end of class one day by handing him a pair of your dirty panties and see his suprise. I have even got her to give me her sexy little friends and their Mums dirty panties to sniff and lick in front of her as we both m*********. We plan on sending my wife, her Mum of a video of me licking her out as she is calling me a naughty Daddy asking me if I think Mummy would like to taste her own little girls wet cunny. As I know my wife does like a bit of older women young girl p***. mmmm wait and see. happy sniffing and wanking.

  • My mother in law's panties are my favorite. I also love f****** married men with their wife's panties in my mouth.

  • Are you married, do you have daughters. Happy sniffing

  • I am married and I love to sniff my 2 daughters dirty panties every day while I w*** off so hot but so naughty.

  • No, just me and my wrist

  • I am the same way ! But I was fortunate a lady that made my family mask for corona virus sent me a pair of hers in the mail

  • Ohhh you jammie git!

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