So stupid

My mom, step dad and step brother and step sister were traveling from my grandmothers home after christmas and got caught in a blizzard, My grandmother had asked us to stay but with my two cousins and their parents and my one other uncle who all had far further to travel to get home already staying my mom and step dad opted to travel the 1.5 hrs. about half an hour from home there is a 4 way intersection where 2 highways meet and as we got closer it became obvious that there was a huge wreck there.
We were stopped by a police officer who told us we couldn't get through, My step dad knows the area and thought he could get past on the gravel roads and tried but after getting stuck a couple times decided it would be better to try and find somewhere to stay the night other than in the truck on a back road somewhere. He called around and finally found 2 rooms at a hotel not far from the accident, We got there and it was a small town bar with a hotel above, Old and run down but clean and we were able to get food and wait out the storm. after a brief discussion it was decided my mom and step dad would stay in one room with my little step sister (She's only 4) and my step brother and I would stay in the other.
My step brother is 16 and I am 18, Long story super short I wake up at 3:30am with him laying behind me, Hand up my shirt and...He was in me from behind, In me, Had his d*** in my v*****, I froze and he pulled back, Pushed forward and twitched, Jerked and grunted and...It happened. I was like OH MY F***!!!! what just happpened. He pulled out and got out of my bed and went back to his. Probably 5 minutes later I heard him snoring and I got up, Pee'd and went back to bed, I laid there sobbing for i don't know how long, never did fall back asleep and then the next day he just acted like nothing happpened, Nothing in the morning, Nothing at breakfast, Nothing at lunch and then we finally got to drive home and nothing the whole way home.
I was dumbfounded and I still don't know if I should have said something but now I feel it is too late to say anything and I am left to live my life knowing this happened and I was to dumb to say anything.

Apr 12, 2020

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  • Tell him you know what happened and you were not ok with it.
    You are not dumb, just confused by a confusing situation.

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