Crappy boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend seem like we are not dating during school but we are dating after school. We cuddle, hold hands, hug, etc. after school and during school I'm lucky if I get a hug. This happened last time too when we dated before. But right now his excuses are that he has football practice so he can't see me after school and then we have no classes together during school. He sits with me at breakfast and lunch. Oh did I mention he is almost 16 and I am 14. But I don't know what to do? Is he embarrassed? Should I dump his ass? I like how he makes me feel after school. I feel special and loved. But during school I'm upset most of the time and so depressed. I have no clue what to do. Help!

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  • Don't get too attached to any one guy while you are in high school. Or make it seem that any guy validates how you feel about yourself. Love yourself regardless of who you date. Make sure to make time with your friends and not because your boyfriend is unavailable or you're single. Your friends are important too. It does sound like this guy likes you when it's convenient for him. But if you have no classes during the day or you can't have lunch together (or he avoids that), then you may have your answer.

  • I try to hang out with my boyfriend and my friends at the same time. I hope I am balancing them right. Thanks for the advice :)

  • Either he is a fuckboy or Immature. When I was dating this girl I told her not to tell anyone and not to hug me in school and she loved me really but I f***** up

  • He told people and we do weird awkward side hugs during school. I mean the entire school doesnt know but most of our friends know.

  • He might just be very immature. I'm a guy, and I remember my first girlfriend at 16. She was a wonderful person (and willing to do anything), but I wasn't ready for a relationship and treated her like crap. We didn't last more than a week or two. I was more into baseball, how others would judge me, and all of that.

    I tried to date her again at 18, when I had grown up a bit, but she said no way. I knew that I messed up and, even a couple of decades later, I still feel that way.

  • He is embarassed to be with you and is wishing to appear available to some other girl of his dreams. After school when no one is around then you are better than nothing.

    Trust me. I'm a guy.

  • My issue is that he is so popular. I dont think girls are the issue. He just has so many people to talk to that there isnt enought time to be affectionate or be with me.

  • Popularity has nothing to do with his ability to be affectionate and everything to do with either making himself available to something better or a complete immaturity and ignorance of what you want. Many guys that age are just completely clueless to what a relationship means, it's why high school relationships come and go like the tide. He has a GF exactly as he wants you, quiet and putting up with his half assed relationship. If busyness was the problem it would be one day here and there but otherwise he'd reciprocate your affection.

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