Mother In Law

I'm into my Mother In Law. She is a slight BBW with huge t***. When we hug, we always hug tight and I can feel her t*** pressed against me. Recently when we hug, I've been placing my left hand on her lower back right above her ass. One of the last times we hugged, no one was in the immediate area. She lifted on her toes and it caused my hand to slide on the top part of her ass. The hug lasted for about 5 seconds. When people are around its quick hugs. When nobody is right next to us she hold the hug for a few seconds. I wonder is she's into me? I know this is wrong. It's my wife's mom. Can't help it though. All I can think about is turning her around, jerking her dress up or pants down, bending her over, and pushing my c*** in the same hole my wife came out.

Apr 13, 2020

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  • I do this too! My MIL likes to hug so I sometimes go full front to front for max t*** cushioning, hand held tight against her lower back. I would love to grab her ass. She is 60+ now, her ass is quite round and I watch her bend over when she cleans. I long to pull her pants down and f*** her from behind. When I f*** my wife doggy I think of my MIL.

  • Try hugging her again when no one is around and touch her ass and see what she does.

  • Don't waste your time. Just f*** her. Older women have unmet desires!! Just eat her c*** and f*** her hard. She will really love it. I tell you it's heavenly to f*** a mature c***. She will teach you a thing or two. Also, she will be up for anything. Take her ass too. Suck her b****. They are willing to please in any way possible. Mature women find it hard to get a decent c***. She likes you because you have one!!! Lucky dude!!!! Happy f******!! Tell us how it went.

  • I’ve put my finger in where my wife came from

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