Can’t stop

When I was younger me and my s sister would play a game called moms and dads which we eventually ended up getting naked and having s** but we stopped play I want to initiate it again as she has become even more sexier then what she used to be what do I do ?

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  • Just talk to her and say you miss your special times with her.

  • Will try it

  • Good luck ;) i've always wanted s** with my sister but i was never brave enough to try. We are both in marriages now but i would still love to get my beautiful sister in bed even for just one night!

  • Same just want to do it 1 more time and she might like it and want to carry on

  • I haven't given up hope :) last time I saw her she looked amazing! Nice bum and lovely t***, even though she has had two kids my sister is stunning!

  • I can agree my sister looks stunning aswell

  • You are so lucky! At least you've had s** with your sister. I should of done when we were younger it would of been alot easier.

  • Why don’t you just tell her then

  • It's complicated, she is married with two kids and I am married no kids. We live 340 miles apart. I have tried hinting on WhatsApp. Just recently she asked me what films I like and I told her A Simple Favour. In the film the main character admits that she had s** with her brother. So I'm hoping that may get her thinking about what my intentions are. I'm also trying to flirt without making it too obvious, just incase someone else reads it.

  • It’s one of those if you don’t ask you will never know

  • I think you are right. There is definitely something more than brother and sister between us.

  • Once you have done it make sure to come back on here and say 👍🏻 I want updates

  • Ask her if she wants to too, most kids play it when they are young I certainly did

  • It was great to do with her but now she does stuff then I try do something little and she has ago but then later she’s fine (she also has been getting a bigger a***)

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