Secretly want to get fatter

That I really love my belly. The bigger it is the more I like it. Took a lot of years but figured out that growing up in the south has a lot to do with it. My role models all had the classic beer belly of the big eating southern men. They would tell me in a good way how I was 'getting big' or 'you're getting as big as us guys'. Things like this must have stayed with me sort of subconsciously I guess. As I got bigger, I felt more of a man. When I see other men with big bellies, I like it. When I see those folks know who are older and even among my male friends, I like it when they slap or poke my belly and say I am looking good. Most ask how I am but they look at my belly instead of my eyes! When my wife feeds me a big meal, I love that full feeling. It even turns me on. She loves this. And I love when I'm on top and my belly is pressing down on her. I feel like such a man. Well, there is so much more, but don't want to bore anyone.



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  • What more is there? Go ahead and tell us

  • How much do you weigh now? Do you and your wife have a goal weight in mind?

    How and where did you two meet? I'm an aspiring fat dude who feels much the same, and I'd love to find me a woman to feed me up into a huge fatty.

  • Not boring at all. I love that about Southern women. I've seen it again and again. They feed hubs well, make him fat, and are proud to show off their accomplishment. There's this classic wife-with-her-fat-husband pose I see all the time. They're always smiling with her hands on his fat belly. I always thought it was such an odd way to pose for a picture, until it dawned on me that maybe a bunch of these women just like that fat gut and like to draw attention to their handiwork.

    Find a woman like that and see how she reacts when you sneak in a comment that you can't resist home cooking like biscuits and gravy for breakfast and chicken fried steak for dinner.

  • Man, I feel much the same way. I reallh need to move somewhere where women love a big fat dude

  • Thats great, and i wish women got the same reaction when they talk about how much they love being fat.

  • Good for you! I feel manlier as I'm getting fatter too!

  • I was getting ready to ask where you live and ask you for a date until I got to the part where youre married. I just love a big man. I feels so good when he's on top of me squishing me while his d*** is filling my c***.

  • Tell me more, because blaine likes to sit on the other childrens stomachs during recess

  • ??? What you talking about

  • My mom sold my anti-psychotics and now I can only repeat this one phrase over and over again, please kill me

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