Boy netball dress

When I was 17 girlfriend & I would play sport on Saturday I play soccer in the morning & she would play netball in the afternoon during one of her games she been pushover & broke her arm they had no spare players & we had the same first name so I had to play.I had to strip down to my underwear to gave her clothes & I put her netball dress on which didn't cover my underwear standing stay when I jumped to get the ball dress would be above belly button.
After going to hospital had to go grocery shopping stay in the netball dress everyone in the store could see my underwear.

Jul 23

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  • I had to wear a netball dress when i was a 15boy because I made a bet with my girlfriend how play netball every weekend.
    The bet was if her team won against the best team in the league by more then 10.I would wear a netball dress to the next game but if they lost she had to wear a pair of my trunk underwear as shorts for the next school day.They won the next game was a 2 day tournament in the next town about 2 hours from home her parents book a hotel in they name drop us of and would pick us up the next.
    Get up to get dressed and my girlfriend did you forget you have to wear a netball dress I hope she had forgotten.I put the netball dress on and walked with her to the courts about half an hour walk my yellow underwear half covered get to the courts all the girls looking at me in a dress.We went to the practice court because no adult would go to them.She start to kiss me pulled my arms out of the dress and tried my hand together behind my back to a railing beside the bins and she said I known you have been cheating on me I had but her friends hand said I was she pulled off the netball dress and she's leave me tried to railing in my yellow underwear.About an 2 hour later same girls came around to eat they lunch 1 of them came up and poured a milkshake down the front of me make my underwear wet and the other poured gravy from her chips down the back of my yellow underwear.The other 2 pour the rest of they drinks down the front of my underwear and leave.Girls would came looking ang go all at 5 when the day games finish my girlfriend came back to say her friends had lie and untried my hands saying sorry the hole time.I said I fine that I had fun and we walked back to the hotel her in netball dress and me in my yellow underwear cover in grave and milk.

  • I look forward to the day when boys can wear dresses

  • Except girls wear sports briefs under their netball dresses.

  • I lost a bet with my girlfriend on holidays in Sydney when I was 21 so I had to wear one of her dresses the next day all day.My girlfriend was a bit shorter than I I'm put the dress on the next morning but it don't cover half my underwear when I was standing still when walking you could see all of my pink underwear we had to go to 3 shopping mall that day and to the grocery store she would make me grab all the stuff we need from the top shelf so when I reach up all my pink underwear are showing finish shopping drop it back to the hotel then we out for dinner in a restaurant on the 12 floor had to walk up all the stairs ever stair I walk up more & more of my pink underwear would be showing get to the floor the restaurant was on look down you could see all of my pink underwear and skin up to my belly button.Pull dress down a much as I could to try and cover my underwear before walking in to the restaurant but still had half showing walking through the the table I could see all the people looking at my underwear finish eating and are about to leave.i said to my girlfriend are we just going back to the hotel she goes yes why and I said good and take the dress off left it on the table in the restaurant and walk out in just my pink underwear and get on the train back to the hotel in just my pink underwear.

  • We know you are shameless and disgusting.

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