Why do beautiful women do their K9s

I am addicted to watch grls have s** with their dog!!! I'm pretty and let my dog lick me out pretty much every day! And letting him dry hump me but any grls what does it feel like i dont want to get stuck. I did a bj and tasted woodies and then sweet weird ??? And so much c** lol

Apr 15, 2020

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  • Though gross to me, this is a common fantasy among women. Considering I've known several who ADMIT to this... there must be tons more that also do, that won't admit it.

  • My mom is back at omg he just gets me is like all the time now but how do hidden the c**

  • So, breeding a horse willing make u f*** you up and wow o much c** if u do the right way.

  • I did it and it f****** hurt, Lol

  • I did f*** it hurt.

  • Driving me crazy everyone is home all the time now from this virus thing i usual do it right after school

  • My wife loves k9 I'm not sure how common it is though.

  • So i grew up down south I am going to do it but going to church but I can'nt help myself

  • Yup scared hut I get under him and him cuming on my face and suck his c** !!!! And so much of it Lol

  • Take it from me there is nothing better than K9 s**. They go so fast hard and deep that you will not be able to stop. I understand you being scared at first like I was but after the first time you will be able to come like you have never before

  • Right, I just don't why I am super h**** fck I do anything that looks like a d*** !!!!!

  • I doubt that.

  • Yup scared hut I get under him and him cuming on my face and suck his c** !!!! And so much of it Lol

  • Omg, my bf started fcking me hard from making love, just wish if I do it he would do it longer !!!!!

  • * my baby not my dog so short and but c** every where, ;)

  • I'm just confused ???

  • When the dog ejeculates it gets stuck in you perfectly normal it's called knotting. Once he has finished his p**** will slide out. If you are going to suck his p**** or have it inside you wash it first. Other than that only go as far as you want

  • Wash it first, thanks I didn't think about that I give him a bj's and wow so much c** and on my face when I get under him !!!!

  • I did it

  • I really love the taste of K9 sperm so much so that I could drink it every day for the taste of it. I've even tried it on my food

  • Your a good girl.

  • Hi, many women do this especially oral s** from their dogs. Before vibrators dogs were used to satisfy sexual needs hence the term "lap dogs". I would stick to lettering your dog give you oral because s** can be very tricky but if you do try put socks on your dogs front paws to prevent scratches from your dogs paws. ;)

  • Driving me crazy everyone is home from this virus thing i usual do it right after school

  • I get on my back on the edge of the bed spread my legs and pull my dog between my legs with his rear paws on the floor and his front paws on the sides of me. I'm able to put him right inside of me and stops him from scratching me

  • Mmmmmm I'm going to try that position. Tks

  • Omg, my fav vid is Great Dane attacking and pin her down & she get on back he fcks her !!!! It was long she let him pin her down with jeans on, then he did her !!!!!

  • Wow, him licking my butt hole fck !!!!!!!

  • Ok, enjoy!

  • She could also wear a thick pullower top to save being scratched

  • Thanks ;)

  • Big me up at wickr, it's ygfunguy

  • True ;)

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