I'm 16 and I drink alcohol before school all the time.

Yep. I get really drunk before I get on the school bus. From homeroom to the end of 2nd period I’m pretty drunk. I also dip at school. It’s just so boring and my teachers aren’t hot like they were last year. My history teacher caught me dipping and told me I should stop. Haha what an idiot. I spit my dip in his coffee one morning while he was in the bathroom, and when he took a sip the whole class started laughing. I’ve set off the metal detectors at the school entrance so many times with my dip cans. One time I got on the bus and was so drunk I forgot to throw my beer bottle away and I walked on the bus with it. Because it’s fun and last year I didn’t feel the need because my teachers were hot and had big butts and b**** but this year they are old and stinky so I get bored real easy

Apr 16, 2020

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  • From the UK here, just want to know what a dip / dip can is?

  • Chewing tobacco, s*** fire

  • Oh OK. But why am I a s*** fire for not knowing? We don't have chewing tobacco over here. We save that for you hillbillies.

  • Fire means its good, he/she said that s**** fire, so that s**** good lol

  • Ahh I get it lol, I thought he was calling me a name for not knowing 😂
    (he's still probably a hillbillie tho)

  • Well he wasn't, ya melt!

  • Do one Danny dyer, go sort out your relationship with Linda you melt!

  • All I am going to say is, you have a problem and you need to get it under control before it destroys you!

  • Yeah man my problem is that school's boring AF

  • Drinking is even more boring, when you always end up doing the same things and no one wants to befriend you. I think you have some unresolved issues that lead to your behavior, things you want to avoid. Because people dont just decide to destroy their own bodies for fun. I think you confessed this because part of you knows this. Dont listen to these people shaming you, but do listen to what you feel when you read it. Be kind to yourself, part of that kindness means caring for your body and taking responsibility for your own actions, not just blaming your surroundings. I know its easier that way, but you just end up hurting yourself in the long run. youre probably in denial so you will likely dismiss what im saying, but im hoping some part of it will stick and help you later in life. This is what happens when people show compassion for eachother, if you dont know anyone that does that with you, try being more compassionate to others and see how it ends up bouncing back to you. You are not alone and you dont need to give up on yourself.

  • Getting double teamed

  • That's at least 200 more words than Teen Alcoholic can take in. Remember, they've already got all the answers and anyone older than them is just bitter and out of touch. OP got the attention he wanted, the matter is now closed. Spend your hard-earned wisdom elsewhere, it's wasted here. Just like OP.

  • That's nice. When you wrap your dumb self around a telephone pole, don't take anyone else with you. Thanking you in advance for cleaning up the gene pool a little, humanity needs a good cleansing.

  • Don't worry, jail is much more exciting after they pop you for DUI!

  • OP, be sure to wear lipstick when you go inside so the bull of the pen knows you're ready for him. He will probably be older than you but that won't matter since you won't be seeing his face very often, just feeling his pork sword

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