I think gay pride parades are disgusting

Yep. Bunch of AIDS ridden queers walking around naked having mobile butt s**. Waving them rainbow flags all over the place. The streets smell disgusting from blocks away cuz the smell of gay butt s** is in the air. I usually wear a respirator when there is one going on even not in my town cuz I’m scared the AIDS is airborne.



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  • A*** s** is a preference. It's not based on a person's sexuality. Just because someone is gay, doesn't mean they have a*** s**.

  • I had my young @ss sweetly penetrated my first time at a gay pride parade after party and got dropped off in the early morning hours totally changed.

  • Me and my friend were 13 and a half, curious about boy's having s** and had been experimenting with each other. A lot of touching, kissing mostly and were just into sucking when we mustered up the courage to attend a gay pride parade.
    We told our parents that we were going camping at each other's houses. We pantied up in the cutest panties and short-short torn cutoffs trying to be as sexy as two twink barely teen boys could be and instead went to the parade. We went to numerous parties and had a lot of fun. We both had s**, I bottomed for the first, second, third and fourth times that day and into the night! Everyone treated us so special.

  • I'm not gay at all, but I always sneak out of the house to go to the pride parades so I can see all the free-swinging d****. They are so beautiful, especially the young ones. I give as many BJs as possible. My wife and children have no idea that I do this or how much I love those d****!.

  • I cant believe this site promote child predators. it must be women running this site. what man would do this. you men need to be careful posting crap like this on here. this metoo crap is a set up. im not trying to put a man behind bars, but I will put a woman in the ground if she messing around with children

  • Oh, c'mon!! What's better than walking down a public street with a hot d*** in your ass?!??!

  • Sucking one

  • Yuk!!!

  • Nothing nicer than being on your knees with a nice hartdcock in the mouth

  • Amen!

  • Just sucked one still got the taste of his cumin my mouth

  • I had my first man experience at a gay parade when I was 15. I had been fooling around with other boys before but not s** all the way. I really didn't know what I was, just a kid curiously experimenting with other boys or was I actually gay? I met Wil and he was like 33 and he was so cool!

  • I would love a nice tight young boipussy

  • It took a mancock(s) to break me in slow and easy. They took me because I wanted to be taken. Going home on the subway with my cumtwat of a boy p**** dripping wet into my white cotton boipanties, I felt so good.

  • Look it, when we take a young boy boy from the crowd and make love to him in front of everyone, we are doing him a favor. Their families almost always approve.

  • I would love to do a young one with his mum watching

  • F****** pedo

  • My mom's so cool with it, she was like so happy like when I was with a gay friend of hers.

  • I thought it was only STRAIGHT parades. What is going on this earth. You people are bat s*** crazy. Get a God in your life.

  • Abonination!! Repent. You will go to h***. You are destroying God's children on this trashy earth.

  • Yes yes yes. They are horrible. The first time I ever got gay raped was at one of those parades. I was just turned turned 15 and I got grabbed by three guys all with their d**** hanging out. They took turn on me in public. People thought I was part of the show and applauded me getting raped by those monsters. After they finished with me they passed me around in the crowd for more rapes. Those dirty hags tore my as whole and ruined me. After my ads was no good to them anymore, they took me to a gay apartment complex and had me suck dozens of c**** until morning. I wasn't even gay but nobody cared about that. They only cared about butting in a kid.

  • Bet you loved getting c--ks in your holes

  • To be honest, I did eventually enjoy it. At first I was too scared to enjoy it, but by the time the crowd started doing me, it became proud of my appeal, and the filthy things they said turned me on so much I was begging for it. Yes they converted me that day. Soon I was hanging out only in gay bars and spent most of my time in the restroom f******. I only do bareback. I will probably die before I am 30.

  • You are so lucky to have been converted by such loving men. They did you right. I'm guessing that now, you need to be exposed to the risk of public discovery to get aroused and you need multiple partners to really get off. Lucky Lucky Lucky!!!

  • It's the risk of being discovered with a man in my hand, or in my mouth, or up y ass is a part of what I get off on. I'm at the age where f****** a boy who is the age I was back then is totally exciting. I had one that age back a couple months ago and I taught him good. Unfortunately one of my gay friends got hold of him and took him from me. I guess I knew it would happen because my friend has a huge beautiful c*** and my boy couldn't resist. Seeing them out together is heartbreaking even though I kinda expected it.

  • Teach them really young and soon they beg forcock

  • Each to their own.

    I'm not gay. I don't care of you are gay or straight or whatever.

    Why do you worry about what others do. It doesn't hurt you.

    I kind of look at the gay pride marches with a bit of envy. You know they are out there having fun. Laughing. showing off their bodies. Whereas I am trapped in my little conservative take no risks, too worried about misbehaving (had very strict parents) or bringing shame on my family.

  • And I am sure they think you are disgusting, look in the mirror at your self before judging others

  • You are disgusting, hurting little innocent children

  • Yawwwn.... oh look, somebody trotted out the "Think of the CHIIIILDREN" card. And gratuitously, as they so often do. Show the class where kids have even been mentioned, not counting the requisite troll-pedos who will undoubtedly crawl over here to mutter obsessively about "hairless" this and that

  • Q**** b******

  • Q**** b****, more like it.

  • Yes the faggotts are nauseating.....

  • Agreed. Q**** are abhorrent.
    God's mistakes.
    G ay is supposed to me.jolly ,happy etc.
    How can anyone be happy with another blokes c*** painfully rammed up their a*** ? ugh

  • Typical brainless, red neck americans

  • F*** you libturd

    Yours sincerely,
    a redneck piece of white trash American

  • We'll get back in the trash can you came from and go back to merry ol England. Love it or leave it!

  • I'm no stupid yank.
    I'm British,, old fashioned with principles and standards, politically incorrect and proudly so.
    I detest queers and rightly so.

  • I'm English, and I too agree, it's b***** disgusting. Soddomites the lot of them!

  • Sodomy is an act of pure love.

  • Yes, that is so true. Having a man enter you is heaven.

  • Don't whine until you have had a c ock in your ass or swallowed somecum mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love the taste ofcum

  • Oh god YES!!!! I love c*** all day!

  • You nasty wicked man

  • It's true. That is what I am.

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