Frank you little fairy. I'm sorry you died but..................

When we were working together at the trucking company you did good work. You were gay and I was straight but I respected you because when it came to holding up your end of the stick you did just fine.

You had one big problem. You were an alcoholic and you being gay that was not good. You did q**** s** with people who you didn't know well or were total strangers.

You got aids and I think I know when it happened. I saw you at the party with some strange queen and you went in your bedroom and closed and locked the door.

That was you undoing. You got butt f***** by some gay a****** with aids. You should have damn known better.

Its one thing to be gay and its another to get completely soused and s**** a stranger.

You got aids during the 80's which at the time was a death sentence. You got sick and died and left me without a good backup worker.

It didn't have to happen Frank.

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  • Frank or Freddie?????
    We miss you Freddie mercury,inject you aids anally to me so I can take the pain away from you,just like john coffee did in the green mile

  • Oh shut up. That has nothing to do with the post.

  • Oh, I get it: "holding up your end of the stick". Yeah, that's a good one.

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