I snifff my mums knickers

I sniff my.mums knickers regularly.
I'm mid thirties and can't stop myself.
I love finding her pubic hairs.and the smell of her f****.
I've just sniffed a pair and.wanked .
I so want to see her hairy c*** for real.
I would f*** her.
Don't know what to do.

Apr 18, 2020

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  • Is your single?

  • Yes. My dad died last year.
    Mum is 42 years old and a brunette about 5 feet tall.
    I know from her dirty underwear that she.has a hairy f**** .
    I find her curly brown pubic hairs

    She has nice t*** too.
    Her body odour from between her.legs is addictive, that's my problem.
    I'd seriously like to get my face between her legs and then my see her f**** for real.

  • I used to walk in on my mum in the bath...and perve on her
    then grab her panties and go to my room and lick em

  • I have considered walking in on mum in the bath or just opening the toilet door
    " by mistake".
    Not sure what she'd say but she wouldn't be happy.
    I'll see her naked somehow.

  • Are you there now?

  • I'm here now. What can I do for you ?

  • I have a quite a bit of experience in this matter?

  • You mean you do the same as I am doing currently ?

  • I do more now! And have been for a while

  • Is your mum single?

  • Yes

  • I sniff my step daughters, love sucking the crotch

  • Describe and her age. Do you find her pubes and stains ?
    I love sniffing dirty knickers.
    I sniffed my lodgers - blonde on her head with a full untrimmed gingers.f**** bush,
    my best friends wife"s ( and discovered she's not blonde downstairs but brown ) .
    My mum's and my neighbour's
    ( look after her cat and have a key ).

  • Mmmmmmmmm

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