I'm no longer 'the man' in my relationship. Comment.

My girlfriend and my sister have grown close. One time when my girlfriend had come over for the night for some drinks and more, they got talking about our childhood.

As stories unfolded, my sister shared the stories where my mom used to put her incharge of me when our parents weren't home. She explained how my mom was proud that she was always able to handle me. What our mom didn't know was that my sister used to kick me in the b**** whenever I bothered her.

She would hurt my b**** in all possible ways to get me to obey her. She kicked from front and behind, kneed, flicked, punched and uppercut from front and back, what not. She would always try to catch me off-guard. The result being I would fall to the floor while my sister would laugh like crazy and walk away in style.
My girlfriend was delighted to hear the stories. But what happened later is my main concern. Now, my girlfriend likes to hurt my b****. She doesn't hit hard, not even close to how hard my sister hit. But she teases me and controls me by my b****. One grab is enough.

She's not abusive, she just enjoys it. And, well even I have started to enjoy being controlled by her.

It's a bit ironical how she became 'the man' of our relationship by using my b****. What do you guys think?

Apr 21, 2020

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  • Getting your b**** flicked hurts like f****** h***. It is the worst.

  • You are a weak little boy. Is your p**** 1 inch long. Take some pills and let it grow. Or get a dumb white woman to suck it

  • Yes she is abusive, you need to set her down and tell her that, you will not put up with that sort of or any type of hiring slapping or what ever is not going to be allowed period. If see doesn't like it then call it off, because it could get worse.

  • I think fantasy.

    I am a m********. My wife is incharge verbally. She wants a strong man who will do what she asks. She kicks me in the b**** but she knows it's a love hate contradiction.

  • Be a grown man. Don't let any woman fun your life. The man lens women.

  • Since you like it, I would say that you are submissive and that your girlfriend likes and gets off on being dominated. Set some boundaries/rules and look into it. Explore your sexual desires (both of you).

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